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Mom's bragging..



Does this sound appropriate to you?

My mom has been bragging about her good health to me. "A STROKE SURVIVOR FOR GODS SAKE."


She started it off by saying... "Her doctors nurse couldn't believe she wasn't on any RX drugs"


I told mom,"Well you could wake up tom, and be on 13."


My dad has been talking about not wanting to take his RX meds for blood pressure and cholesterol.

My 15 yr old attitude chimed in ,"Yeah, me too, I got tired of taking my blood thinners, so I just quit!"

**total BS statement

Come on!!

Am I the only one who's parents get on my total nerves??

I have been blogging via telephone to my hubby everynight, he says"Amy are you going to be able to make it until Weds.?

I don't know,

"My hubby says take a nerve pill.

"I have been like sweet tarts!"

Have any of you guys, had to be parental with your parents??

I love them, but only when I keep my 100 mile distance from them.

Please pray for me not to get bit by the BR spiders..

I am thinking I should develope a show for the Discovery channel, exploiting their house, some spider scientist should come check out the size of these 5th generation monsters.

I am having to private blog, when they are gone and erase the history.. so no one can find my secret site and blog for God's sake.

2 more days to go....

My sister comes in tonight.

My parents keep their house a total mess there are choking hazards lying around everywhere for her toddler to get into.



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don't worry I live 2 house down from my mom, and she is full of negative energy and she gets upset if I don't go to her house, so I envy you that you r 100 mile away from her, I know my mom loves me dearly that's y it upsets her more to c me this way, but anytime I go to her house its something or other negative about someone, which gets on my nerve, but I keep reminding myself, that she loves me a lot and she don't mean it, Ihave to just roll of her comments from my back and not get bothered by it, you do the same thing with ur parents, just think in the time of need your family is the one who will and did stand by you, so these small things just let it roll over ur back, they don't realise when they say somethings, which could hurt us, like my mom whenever I m able to do something, she will say oh I can't even do that, so I tell her look at the age difference we have I m 35 and u r 62, I know she don't mean in bad way but I tske it bad way, so just keep big heart and look at their good quality and ignore silly comments, come back sane from ur trip Amy cause amy I need you.


lots of love


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For gosh sakes, Amy, you are an adult now. You don't have to stay in your parent's home to visit them. You can rent a motel room and meet them in public places. It would be worth every penny of it and if they didnt like that idea, then "oh, well." Why are you putting yourself through this? Your relationship with your parents is not healthy, from what you've been decribing in other blogs, and that will not likely change. There comes a point in your life where you have to put your own mental health first above a disfunctional family unit. I'm not saying you have to cut yourself off completely from them, but you should be drawing some deep lines in the sand about what you will and will not do.





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Some one said to me a long time ago - you realise you have grown up when you have to start looking after your parents.


I can empathise to your situation, but funny they have got tidier and less cluttered as they grew older- I think they had more time to sort things .

I never had to put up with poisnus spiders tho, that would have freaked me out. yikes.gif


I wish you well


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