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I am home from the brown recluse resort.



Thank goodness I didn't get bit,or my DD by the spiders.. I did kill a lot though, and sprayed/decluttered our areas we were frequently visiting.

It was so nice to come back to my house today, and to be able to sleep w/out fear of BR's. I had some pretty f'ed up dreams there, prob after being paranoid before bed.




My sister and I are secretly 'helping' mom with her clutter problem. I have my car trunk full of Goodwill old stuffed animal of ours as a child. She will not even miss they are gone. Our next mission will be to toss her paper towel thin old towels from the '70's.

They have $$ and don't have to hold on to everything like they are struggling.


All for now BP down and happy to be home sweet home.



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Glad your home safe and sound.

I had to buy my Mum towels for her birthday once- they were quite pretty- that was the only way I could see of getting new towels in the house.


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