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First Poem in a long time



The muse is upon me smile.gif . I'm making this up as I go, so it might suck but then again who knows.


Upon the clouds that drift up high

Soaring with upon the eagle's sigh

When the sun shines upon the earth

You will find me on the hearth


If you wonder what the future holds

Then you could miss beauty untold

For the present is full of love

And the future may be spent above


Why do you pull away and weep

When there's so much love to keep

If you will open your eyes and look

You'll be suprised that that's all it took


Look not away and look not afar

The look in an eye is as bright as a star

Hold me long and hold me tight

The time has come to end the fight


Dedicated to a very close friend who will always have a place in my heart.




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