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I have turned into a CVAPI




Since, my stroke, I have turned into a CVA Private Investigator, scanning large crowds for possible survivors... I have always been a people watcher-big time, now, I am an annoying CVA survivor hunter. I think, I have a young male survivor in our neighborhood. He is very well functional, and I run into him a lot at the local 'walking /bike trail.'


Also, when my daughter took swimming lessons, a grandfather was there, and looked like a survivor as well, with an older stroke. He was very functional, but one calf was very smaller than the other, and 1 arm not as active as the other.


Do any of you guys try to figure out if others are survivors in your community? Or I may be weird.


I had a lady ask me the other day,"Did you have a stroke in your arm?


Hell, I wish it only effected my arm, but I am glad that only my arm is noticable. I have worked so hard, on my gait in P.T. It is not my normal gait, but much better.

I have been to a B-day party today, that started at 10:00 a.m. and we didn't get back until 5:00p.m.!!! I am beat.


I got sunburned but only my stroke side!!?? Weird?? It was a family B-day party with horse back riding, swimming, volleyball, horse shoes, I was a spectator:) I went with my BIL and MIL and DD.


I volunteered to work in SS at church for the next 2 months, better go and get some sleep.



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I find I do that too- well maybe we both weird.

I am pretty sure a man of 60+ yrs gets on the bus with his wife occaisionaly has had a stroke. I actually saw him walking down the road the other day. Should I tell how much improvement he has made. I see other people as well and think ....hmm I wonder. I dont like to ask, just in case.

At least I am wishing them well in my thoughts


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Hi Amy .. Currently .I own and drive an older classic 1976 BMW ..and ever since I was in my twenties I have owned and driven older unique cars. I just like the way they use to style them in the 60s and 70s..plus my father encouraged an interest in working on autos in my youth so i enjoy working on these older cars too. ..The point about cars.. you ask???.. well when you own something unique like a classic car and you're out in public . it's funny but you can't help but notice others with similar cars.. if fact you think you have an unusual auto and the moment you get out driving and all of the sudden you realize there are many more out there than you thought and you find that your car is not so unique after all. Having a stroke is the same...the moment you get out you start noticing others with an unique walk..or maybe favoring an arm.. maybe a curled hand or fingers ..there's a whole bunch of survivors out there..

Cheers tomt

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