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Giggling Girls



This morning defently had my face turning 4 shades of red.


I woke up with Kathy yelling for me. I ran to see what was going on and she was outside with the door wide open and the cat trying to make a run for it. So, I dived on the cat and picked him up to bring him back inside.


That's when I heard it. A couple of teenage girls were standing on the sidewalk giggling. There I was, outside in my undies and holding a cat. So, I ran back inside and locked the cat in the bathroom while I put something decent on.


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Look at the bright side. ( yes, there is a bright side) You could have been sans undies...... and then they really would have been gasping and giggling.


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Just as I 'expected'. The two with the 'enquiring minds' 'responded' first.





Seriously Mike, I can just 'feel' your embarrassment. However, when Kathy yelled, you instictively 'responded' to her rescue. Mike, I am sure that you didn't mean any 'offense' to the girls, and I'm sure, if the 'law' visits you, you will have a 'valid' alibi. I'll 'vouch' for you, I promise (left hand on Bible, right hand raised).




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Sorry, I've a naughty mind....

Were your undies clean? No stripes?

If you hear of after effects on these poor inexperienced minds, then maybe a book on ananomy would be a helpful gift to their education. silly.gif


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