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Hey everyone



Hey everyone. How have you all been? This is one of the last weeks of summer for me, and i am enjoying every moment of it. I have been trying to fit some extra credti work into my summer... But i just dont want to do it lol. I have been occupied by writting.


This week has been okay. I have just been getting these freaky flash backs of me seeing my dad for the first time. My mom told me it is normal, so i kind of just closed it. Thank you to everyone who was in the chat room the outher night. You guys helped me out, and hopefully i can help me dad.


Well. thats all for tonight i will write more tomorow i when i get back from NYC. Byez!!

Peace And love

Lex silly.gif

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It was nice having you come in to chat and visit. Glad if we could also say some things that helped.


Enjoy your new school year and study hard.



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