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Two Better Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well the past 2 days have been better day. Although Chris has been tired. On Saturday night we partied again for these crazy birthdays. I am so glad they are over - I need a break.


Saturday, Chris seemed to be doing good emotionally. After breakfast and getting cleaned up he took a nap for several hours. He said that he was just tired. He was his "old self" at the party. On Sunday he again was in a good mood - we watched the baseball game again and he was very happy that the Phillies won again. After the game he layed down for about 2 hours to rest. We had dinner and I had asked him if he wanted to go outside and take a walk. I have been very concerned how people would stare at him as I was pushing him and his chair up the street. Nobody said anything to us and I really didn't notice anyone really staring!!!!! We where outside for almost an hour walking around town. When we came home, Chris informed me that he really enjoyed getting out and taking that walk.


I really can't wait till he has his appointment with the neurologist. He is always in pain - and I think that once this gets under control maybe his depression will lift. He has been in pain now for over 1 year and tonight he informed me that he has had enough with the pain. Almost all the time he feels like his legs and feet are on fire. Hopefully the neurologist can either give him a different medication or some kind of treatment to releave the pain.


This evening his mood seemed to be very good. He once again was joking and his normal "goofy" singing but he did tell me that he can't wait till the aide gets here in the morning because she really works his extremities and maybe she can work out some of the pain.






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