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Finally Got the Splint!!!



Chris has been doing very well. This week his PT and OT has been restarted at home. The PT at the hospital said that Chris was not ready to come to the hospital until he had more upper body strength and could transfer using the transfer board. So we have alot of work ahead of us. Although he is doing very well with his exercises and is showing continued improvement. Thursday the OT will be here again and she is going to show Chris how to try to help in dressing himself. I am anxious to see this, I can't imagine how Chris will do this.


Finally today, Chris got his resting hand splint. I had to fax 14 pages of medical information to them that I had received from the nursing home. It amazes me how these insurance companies can pay for pety things but something as important as this splint had to take over a month to make a decision. Now the OT wants him to have a clavicle strap. When Chris sits up with no support from his wheelchair he hangs his head and his shoulders are coming forward. He has really no control over keeping his shoulders back. So I'll see if the insurance company will pay for this or if another month will go by.


Chris seems to have taken a better attitude towards doing his exercises and therapy on a daily basis. The OT had suggested that when he gets to the point where he will try outpatient PT and OT to have him go to Moss Rehab, which is a very prominent inpatient/outpatient rehab in Philadelphia. They have a satellite facility that is only 30 minutes away from us. The OT said that she does not feel Chris will benefit from the hospitals therapists since the hospital does not have the equipment that Chris needs to continue to succeed.




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