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And Again I Cried!



I still haven't figured out why when I see Chris achieve or start to achieve a goal why I cry?


This morning the OT came and started working with Chris to try to get him to dress himself. He was very successful in his first attempt to put his pants and shirt on.


Next she wanted him to try to shave himself. So we set up his supplies and a basin of water and he shaved himself with a straight edge. He really did a good job. Watching him shave again reminded me of all the mornings we would be in the bathroom together getting ready for work and I would watch him shave being amazed at how fast he did it and never cut himself.


Then we did a transfer from the bed to his wheelchair using the transfer board. It went GREAT!!!!!!! Today he actually was putting weight on his legs to try to help me.


So when the OT left what did I do but cry Sob.gif I was out on the back porch and in no way could I stop the tears. The only thing I can figure out is that it is very emotional for me to finally see my husband starting to succeed after I was told that he would be a vegetable the rest of his life. I thank God everyday that he gave me the strength to keep on fighting to get Chris out of that nursing home.




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The tears are 'tears of joy'. And, there is nothing wrong with that. I am so excited that your husband is making such great progress. Patience does prove that a survivor CAN make progress in time.


My suggestion would be to get a video camera, and when your husband is doing things' that people said he WILL NEVER be able to do', video him doing them, then take the VCR tape to them and INSIST that they watch it and prove them wrong , in what they said that your husband 'will be nothing more than a vegetable'.




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So happy to hear of the progress Chris is making and your strength and unwillingness to give up.

I know my daughter had tears (which she tried to hide) when I could walk again. They are "proud" tears tears of thankfulness,pride and joy.

Bless you (and the OT) Angel.gif and of course Chris for trying and conquering!!!


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Shoot, Im crying right now reading your blog and remembering all the "small miracles" that made me cry when Patrick accomplished them. I have never been a cryer, so you know things are really affecting me when the tears start. I am glad for you and Chris that you were able to see beyond what the doctors prognosis' were and get him home with you again.

Take Care,


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