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Downer Day!!



Chris feel asleep shorter after dinner on Saturday night and awoke long enough to get into bed. He slept straight thru the night and didn't wake up till almost 11am Sunday.


He ate breakfast and feel back to asleep. Finally at 1pm I woke him up to get cleaned up and dressed. Shortly after I got him in his wheelchair he wanted a pillow to lay back and again feel sound asleep. He slept all afternoon. At 6:30pm I woke him up for supper, he really didn't eat alot, less than normal and then fell back to sleep for about 2 hours. We watched the baseball game together, but I noticed that he was taking "cat naps" through the game. At 10:30pm he wanted to get ready for bed because he was so tired he couldn't keep his eyes open. He told me that he was really sleepy today. I've noticed that when he has a very active day or when we have company it really seems to wear him out and he will sleep the entire next day. He also today had a headache, I don't know if that makes him more tired or not.


This past week was a very busy and active week with therapy. Maybe the whole thing just caught up to him and wore him out. I don't really notice anything different with him, so I'm not really worried about him sleeping today. blahblah1.gif

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My husband is exactly the same way. If we have an active day, the next day he is wiped out and sleeps move of it. He's five years out and I don't see this pattern changing at all. You just learn to expect it, plan around it and accept it. One doctor told me that because of the extensive damage in his brain that the rest of the brain has to work harder and that is as exhausting to him as physically work.



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