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Maybe Just Too Over-Protective?



This morning I was really concerned, probably overly concerned about Chris. Yesterday he slept all day along with having a headache. I really didn't think much about him sleeping because Saturday we had family from out-of-state. But this morning when he woke up, I thought his speech was somewhat slurred. Different than I have heard it in the past 3 months. So I mentioned it to the aide and asked her to let me know if she noticed anything different with him as he was eating his breakfast. Nothing was noticed. The OT came today for her normal visit and I had mentioned it to her and asked her to give me her opinion. She didn't notice anything with his speech so when she was working with him she tested his balance, nothing had changed there and actually she had said that he was doing better today than she had ever seen him. As the morning progressed I noticed that his speech was better, he worked very hard today exercising and ate very well. I know that I am over protective - I guess afraid of Chris having another stroke. I plan on telling the neurologist on Thursday what I felt and see what he thinks.


Today I was alittle ticked Argh.gif maybe alot mad at our aide. Sometimes I think she makes comments where she should keep her mouth shut. It's difficult to say anything to her because she is so very good with Chris and he is spotless, she gives him wonderful daily care and works very hard with him with his exercises. Today she questioned me as to why Chris needs to wear the resting hand splint that he got last week. She feels that it is not necessary. I tried to explain to her that it is needed to keep his fingers and wrist straight and reduce the tone. I guess she didn't like my answer so when the OT came today she asked her the same question - got the same answer - and she expressed to the OT that she thought it wasn't necessary. For the past 2 weeks she has been disagreeing with me in regards to Chris getting his morning muscle relaxer. The doctor had ordered 1 - 10mg Flexeril every 8 hours because Chris has alot of muscle spasm that creates alot of pain. I had talked to the doctor because this dose puts him in La-La Land, so now in the morning I break the tablet in half. Some days it does make him tired, but you just have to work through this. The tiredness only lasts about 2 hours and then he is O.K. The aide told me that she feels that the spasm is in Chris' mind and that he is using the Flexeril as a crutch. She wants me to give him a Tylenol and trick him into thinking he had his Flexeril. I haven't really expressed my opinion to her because if I do I may pop my cork. I can just imagine the amount of muscle spasm that Chris has since he only sat in his wheelchair or layed in bed for the past 7 months in the nursing home. Now on top of it all the PT and OT he is receiving is really waking everything up and he has alot of pain. There have been some other things that she has pulled and I haven't said anything because I guess I want to remain friendly with her, but I guess I need to be nice and act like her employer.


I guess it shows how really agitated I am over this - I could ramble on forever -



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If I was you, I'd post a new topic in the Medication forum and ask what drugs survivors have used for muscle spams. Get some feedback from them on what works and what doesn't.


I'm not a survivor but I've used Flexeril occasionally for back spams and taking 10 mg every 8 hours would keep me in a fog and wanting to sleep all the time.



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My question is this....Who is this aid to be making judgements? I'm a firm believer in the survivor knowing what is helping or not. Not an aid, spouse or family member. Whats her beef with the splint? If it helps him, then she is completely wrong. If it is useless as mine was, then chuck it.


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