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It's Been Along Time.............



It' been along time since I have taken the time to sit in front of the computer and spend time on this site. menu-Typing2.gif


Chris is doing well and the daily routine is getting easier, I just wish my routine with the housework was getting easier and GETTING DONE!!!! cleaning.gif Usually every 2 weeks the house gets a really good cleaning. Thank God every week I get the wash done - I'd rather have clean clothes than a clean house. I'm also keeping a business afloat - can't pick the cash off trees!!!!!!!!!!! My mother is constantly calling and asking to help - she wants to come over and clean for us - but I have a tough time letting anyone else do things for me. I think it gives me a feeling of defeat!!!!!!!!!!!! I really need to finally figure out what is going to work for me because I am really struggling with being tired.


Chris this week is finishing up on his home PT and OT. We are now looking into Moss Rehab in Phila. or Good Sheperd Rehab in Allentown for outpatient therapies. Both are excellant facilites. Both have standing frames to help Chris to learn to stand again. I really wonder if he will - the therapists have tried to get him on his feet but he can't support any of his weight. I'm not really concerned if he stands or walks again - I just thank God that he is still with us!!!!!! He is really regaining his upper body strength and rebuilding the muscle in his non-affected leg and arm. He is trying to learn to help in dressing - but this is proving to be difficult. He was given a test for his perception - the results where very poor. This has been upsetting - Chris was a very intelligent man and a great leader in his profession. I know he is still intelligent - it's just hiding and needs to be worked on. One day when he was really frustrated while doing his exercises our daughter broke through his frustration by telling him that he can't give up - she is expecting him to "walk her down the aisle on her wedding day." You could see a ray of hope come back on his face. She has a great way of talking to him and giving him back the "fight."


Chris finally had his appointment with the neurologist. I still can't believe that the nursing home physician did not have him see a neurologist on a regular basis. Oh well, that's water under the bridge - the neurologist did increase his Neurotin to 3000mg a day which has really helped in the severity of his pain. He is giving it 6 weeks and I have to call him regarding Chris' pain level. Then he will deceide if the nerve block should be done in his shoulder for his affected arm.


Everyday shows some type of physical improvement. We are now using the transfer board - the hoyer lift is just sitting in the dining room. I'm ready to have it picked up by the medical company but the therapist said to give it another couple of weeks before that decision is made. Tonight while we where sitting at the table having dinner - Chris' glass was above his plate. Usually he would have asked me to hand it to him - but tonight he reached for it - actually pulled himself off the back of the wheelchair - sat straight up and got the glass on his own. This is the first time. He did it several times while we where eating. Getting the glass and putting it back with no problems. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!!!!!!! happydance.gif


Oh well, I could go on forever about what has happened in the past few weeks - the main thing is that things are getting better and easier to some degree. One thing that I have learned is that our love continues to grow deeper and deeper no matter what we go through together. That's what keeps us going!!!!!!!! And not a day goes by that we don't smile at one another, laugh with one another and not a day goes by that we don't have a kiss and a hug for each other morning and night. We never say "Goodnight" we say "See you in the morning." cloud9.gif

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