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What a Great Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I got a phone call on Thursday afternoon from Chris' brother. He and his wife where coming up for a visit today.


So Friday night I started cleaning the downstairs like crazy. It's still very hard to stay on a schedule yet and the dusting and vaccuming needed to be done. cleaning.gif I never got to bed Friday night till 1am.


Saturday morning I got a phone call from Chris' sister, she had taken her daughter to college in New York and wanted to stop in on the way home. So by 1:30pm we had a house full. Both his brother and sister said they can't believe how well Chris looks and they can't believe what he can do now. My sister-in-law had given me a beautiful yellow mum and when they left they handed me a card. When I opened it here there was a gift card for $100. About 1 month ago when Chris' other sister and husband came up for a visit she also handed me an envelope when they left. Here it was another gift card an their feeling about me and the fact that I never gave up on their brother. It was so sappy that it brought tears to my eyes. We had a long visit with one another sharing family stories and laughing.


Chris really had a great time and was so happy to see his brother and sister again. He was so tired when they left that he feel asleep immediately and slept for about 3 hours.


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