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I Really Have No Room to Complain.......



I feel really rotten inside right now, because I know that I really have no room to complain. I'm not the one who suffers from the effects of the stroke.......but this weekend was the PITS!!!!!!!!!!


First of all, Chris started with a bladder infection on Thursday which of course the first thing I noticed was a change in his mental status. I knew something was cooking with him. So of course he was started on an antibiotic. Next problem which I have been talking to his doctor about for months now is his inability to go to the bathroom. He has lost the ability to push. His doctor has him on colace, MOM and Lactulose daily. Nothing helps. I can also use enema's and suppositories to help him. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday getting him in and out of bed and waiting for something to work. Finally Sunday night, success. It is not good for him to only go to the bathroom once in 7-8 days, there has to be something better out there to help him.


In between the bathroom issue he slept. I know that he was so exhausted dealing with an infection and the discomfort. In between his sleeping I cleaned and did laundry. Do I ever get a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Late Saturday afternoon I was in one of my *beep* pots..........I was sitting outside on the porch and thinking to myself..........all I do is work, cook, clean, laundry and take care of Chris. Sunday after his breakfast and bath he had so much pain in his affected arm and hand he asked for a pain pill which of course knocked him out. He slept all afternoon. Finally at 6pm I woke him up for dinner. During the afternoon I finally got outside to work in the lawn which has been bugging the heck out of me. After we had dinner, Chris went back to sleep and slept till 11pm - I got him into bed and he went out like a light.


Right now I'm feeling very tied down and totally exhausted. I feel like I have nothing different to look forward to. I just feel like if I could go away for a few days and rest and not have to deal with this for a while everything would be better. I guess I'll dream about this..........because it is not going to happen. And while I'm dreaming I guess I better get out of my *beep* pot and change my attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monday is almost here and I start all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Have you tried adding Benefiber in the powdered form to his liquids? It's not cheap, but it really works. Is he getting enough liquids? Gary only goes every couple of days but if I don't keep him on something like that he has a really hard time. Also, when I add just 1/3 cup of Allbran to his oatmeal in the morning it seems to help. We both were told to eat at least 1/3 cup of Allbran daily for regularity.





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I havn't got any suggestions, having never dealt this this issue but I just popped in to give you a virtual hug or two. pash.gifpash.gif



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i REALLY can identify with you, and my life is not nearly as stressful as yours sounds!


here are a few more hugs pash.gifpash.gifpash.gif




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