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I'm Back (I hope)



WOW...hard to think it's been 3 months since I last posted.

Thank you to all who sent me a message while I was gone.

I missed you guys too!

Where have I been?

Well, had surgery for 2 herniated cervical discs on Jan 11 with a metal cage placed for grafting.

Surgery was very rough. For some reason my oxygen levels fell to 72% in recovery. I ended up on oxygen for 4 days til it went back up. The arm pain was better for a week or so then got progressively worse. Had another MRI and will see the ortho surgeon tomorrow to find out why (I hope) Also need to see the neuro surgeon (it was a 2 man job)


So recovering from surgery and ended up hospitalized with another stroke/TIA. Since my PFO did not completely close as shown on TEE in Oct. I am on coumadin. For some reason I am resistant to coumadin and started on 15 mg along with lovenox shots to get into therapeutic range. Took a week and blackened my belly big time. Now am on 12.5\The cardiologist recommends open closure as coumadin for life (the other alternative) for me being "young" and resistant is very risky.

I can't go there right now.


So at home and recovering 2 weeks later and I fall. Rushing to take my son to work (not that I should be driving) and lost balance right off the porch. As I lay with my face in the dirt I ask God what is this all about??

Broke my right ankle, severely sprained the left and messed up right knee.

So I have one of those big black removable cast things for the right, an air splint for the left and hobble around a bit with a walker.


Anyone ever hear about Murphy's law? Well I am Mrs Murphy!!!


I am in so much pain! Using the walker makes the arm pain worse! I try not to walk around too much but it is pretty much unavoidable. Last nite I went to bed early and just sobbed...I don't know how much more I can handle.


But I woke up today and begin again.

Best I can do.


There is so much that the stroke and all this has and is doing to my family...

Guess everyone has degrees of the same going on



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I read your blog few times but still can't come up with assuring words other than wow, you have been going through a lot lately. I know stroke itself is big pill for family to swallow, and you have gotton much more, hang in there, there has to be reason behind this madness. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers



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Wow, I would have never of guessed...I totally wish you the best. I know your dealing with a lot. I have problems from day to day but this is not about me... my heart goes out to you because I can say I know it must be hard. We spoke reguarding the PFO closure and how that went but I would have never even imagined this. My favorite saying is...When its good, its all good, but when its bad it all bad. I know right now you feel that dark cloud will not lift, but one thing that always helps me is to think of another time when times were tough and you will see that you survived. Problem is don't get stuck into thinking that bad things always happen to me when I say, it happens to everyone at some point in their life.


I know walking is unavoidable at times but take it slow and don't beat yourself up to bad. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I will pray for you.



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