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Out with the Old



I've never much thought about that term..."out with the old". Socks? Underwear? Towels? Habits? Attitudes? Friends? Family? Today I'm thinking about it though, as one would be expected to on December 31st I guess.


I've never made a resolution because I've only heard how they are to be broken. Why bother thinking about something I want to change, when in the back of my mind I'm wondering when my resolve will evaporate? I've been amused when a friend told me he is going to stop smoking New Years Day. It's sort of like the person who told his mother he is going to stop drinking after the new year. Guess it's the building of courage to make a change for some that causes them to declare their intentions to another. Somehow if it is said enough times the event will occur.


This Christmas season past I did a first since Bill's strokes. He promised he'd sleep (not a hard promise to keep) if I wanted to go out shopping a couple of mornings. I can't say I was exactly relaxed, but I did it and it was wonderful. Certainly not a habit I'll be falling into, but it reminded me of something Marty told me when I was first on the boards. He told me he had been very insecure and wanted his wife within close proximity when he first came home, but after some time he was glad to have some time to himself and actually enjoys it when she isn't right there. For safety reasons I know that isn't the way it will be for Bill, but I've made the leap and now I do feel I can run to the grocery store if I need to and he will be ok. The key for me is to be sure everything is as safe as it could possibly be before I leave.


Sue spoke about Ray's incontinence. Bill is having some struggles along those lines again. Darn - it was so nice when everything was going smoothly, but it seems that isn't going to be so. He feels real bad when it happens, but for some reason he's not feeling a need to go and it just happens. I wonder what that's about and it will be a question for the doctor the next visit I guess. I have succeeded in getting him to sit when he goes to the bathroom now. That is a help, but the poor guy still has the dribbles. It's just got to be frustrating for him, as well as me.


I've said all along that I know the Namenda and Aricept are not promises that all will be well for a long period of time. I've heard six to eight months. He does seem to get tired of making the effort to shave and shower everyday. Of course it takes lots of prompting and reminding him to brush his teeth, and even reminding him that he is able to do more for himself than he'd like - but that reminding and coaching has made a difference. Although he in no way can take care of those activities of daily living for himself, he can and will do more this year than last. I'm sure those medications have made a difference in his quality of life. For me the improvements mean we hit the road while we can and enjoy all the good time we have. It's alot of work, but not as much as for some so we'll take the most advantage of this time that we can.


With the warm feelings of Christmas we begin 2007 optimistic, knowing that yesterday is a memory and tomorrow may never come for any of us. I want to enjoy all the todays we have. Comparing last Christmas with this one I can see that recovery does take time. It's such fun to hear others tell Bill how good he looks - and really mean it.


And so, it's off to Kentucky later in the week for my niece's wedding on the 6th of January. I'm really tempted to get a navigation system since I've not been very happy with Yahoo maps recently and it was too late to order maps from Allstate when we decided we could go. Hmmmmm....can I justify it??? We'll see how bad I can be in the New Year... :uhm:


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Hi Ann,


I don't have time for a long comment---though I wish I did---but I wanted to tell you that Aircept worked a lot longer than you were told for my dad---years,not months. We could always tell when a dose was missed too. Keep the faith.



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"out with the old, in with the new" was a popular expression from my youth. We had posters displaying the old year as a very old man, sometimes called "Father Time" and the new as a cherub-like baby(boy) with a banner displaying the new years date e.g 2007. I think the idea of the year as used up or old came from the thinking in the past when "starting anew" meant something and New Years was a turning point. Most particularly in those countries where being snow bound and in long darkness gave more time for people to think the events of the past year over.


New Years resolutions were an attempt at changing living patterns and sometimes marking the date we gave up smoking or drinking to excess, or when we took up something healthy. At least in times past there was the space to think about such things. Nowadays there doesn't seem to be such seriousness about making lifestyle changes. I hate to think that there is no way we can change our lives, but know that some things in my life at least are a given and whatever the future holds I will try to tackle it as bravely as I can.


Enjoy the positive changes in Bill, live in the moment as Jean says and look to the future with hope and courage.


Sue. :chat:

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