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Now I've done it!



I have never been known for being the most sensible person on this planet. But I think I've truly lost it this time.


When we went to Tom's brother's in Texas for Thanksgiving, Tom fell in love with Curt's English Bulldog, Winston. It was so funny to see them sitting together on a couch. If ever a dog & human looked alike, in my mind, that was Tom & Winny (except that at 6'4" in every direction, Tom would make rather a LARGE bulldog). We did think about dognapping Winny, but thought better of it as Curt truly loves his dog.


We had talked about getting a dog of our own but I enjoy the freedom I have to bounce around the world & get on aeroplanes to UK, Europe or where ever I can find an excuse to go. So it was always something we would consider doing at some future point. Then, for some bizarre reason which I have yet to determine, I started looking online for breeders around here.There are some (to me) very strange ideas out there. Did you know that you can get a pouppy & it will be SENT to you without you ever having met either it, the breeder or anything? To me, that's just seems wrong. Surely you need to get to meet both breeder & puppy to see if you're all compatible? Or is that me just being too soft?


Anyway, turns out there was a breeder who had had 3 litters of bulldogs in Vineland, South Jersey. Vineland is a place we go to fairly often as we used to live there before we moved to New Zealand & my 2 best (American) girlfriends live there. So I suggested to Tom that as we were going down anyway, we ought to go & have a look at them. When we got there the lady only had one female left. Tom has his heart set on a boy as he has only girls & always fancied a son. The puppy was absolutely adorable though. Even he thought she was cute. The lady told us that up the road a friend of hers also bred Bulldogs & rang her to see if she had any dogs there. She did. There were several there. One wee one, Libby (our 4 year old) absolutely fell in love with. He was the runt of the litter & had a cleft palatte. Libby never let him down the whole time we were there.


Tom found his son & of course, although we had absolutely no real intention of getting a puppy at this time (guess who's going to be doing all the hard work!!) we got one. We then had to come up with a name. We are very proud to say we think we have found the perfect name for him. Obviously it had to be something British sounding & we have settled on Ponsonby. On so many levels this name is perfect. There is a film with Bill Murray in it called "The Man who knew too little" Extremely funny. In it, there is a character called Ponsonby. After some research we discovered that Ponsonby was the Private Secretary to Queen Victoria (so that appealed to Snowflake - Victoria). Another Ponsonby wrote books about the First World War (one of my interests) & finally Ponsonby is an area in Auckland, a place I loved living above all others to date! So the name was perfect.


Now we have got ourselves signed up for puppy training & are getting the house sorted for our new addition. I must be mad!! I love dogs & animals in general, but to me a dog has to be at least knee height when fully grown. Ponsonby is never going to be the size of a "proper" dog but he is cute.

More on the fun & games of puppy ownership later no doubt.Please feel free to give me advice. I've never had a puppy before. I had a Welsh Springer Spaniel who I adored. We used to go for wonderful walks in Snowdonia where I lived at the time. Can't see a legless dog walking up mountains somehow. mind you I'd be hard pushed to find any in New Jersey anyway!!


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hey Sarah:


your happy family is complete now with dog now and everything, I am not animal lover, but I hear only dog is capable of unconditional love, though I am worried now with dog how will you manage those spontaneous meetings with me, which I truely enjoyed.




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I will ALWAYS have time for friends.

Ponsonby doesn't come to live with us until end January anyway.

Hope to see you soon.




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Congrats on your new addition... LOL I have 6.... never intended to have 6..... a couple we rescued.


Puppy training will be good if this is your first puppy. There are quite a few dog sites on line with good hints for teaching and training also.


He is a cutie..

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Asha will have to throw you a puppy shower here in the blogs when baby Ponsonby gets here. Your household will definitely change and the classes are a great thing to do. Check with a vet or a book on bull dog puppies and makes sure that the baby doesn't leave his mother too soon! We had a lot of trouble with Cooper because the breeder was in to big of a hurry to get him placed.


By the way, I agree with you about the mail order/internet puppies...too chancy that you'll get one from a puppy mill and you'll end up with a puppy with major health or temperament issues. Although I'm sure a lot of reputable breeders also sell this way.



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OK. now you've joined the crew. LOL. Bull dogs are beautiful with their pushed in noses. I had a shop near a vet and this couple had 2 or maybe 3 white ones; they were great looking. OK, you're already too late for the first piece of advice but for others. When you want a certain breed, go to a show dog bredder of that breed. No, my brain hasn't loss all of it's marbles. A man from AKC I guess who I had contacted to get a chi after my breeder was "put away" told me this, when I said I didn't want a show dog - He said, "we don't always get show dogs - you will get a well bred dog who many has something that would keep it from being a show dog (such as weighing a few ounces too much) but only a judge could tell and you will be getting a well bred dog". And you know what, they don't charge as much as you'd expect because they have no use for a dog who won't be a show dog and are glad for them to get a home. BUT - you did do the right thing in going to a breeder not a pet shop. Also, when they suggest a friend that is good. I had a local woman bring 2 dogs with her that her friend who was also a breeder and also went on the show circuit sent for me to see and choose - so it was a good thing you did that. 8-10 weeks is the age that's best for a puppy to be weaned from it's mother.


OK, training- remember a puppy is a baby and like children, they are incapable to control their bladders until they are around 6 months or so. Whoever walks the dog should say, good boy. If you choose you may give the dog a goodie also at this time but I never did- I'd be broke.


BTW, I'm a dog person for more years than many - I've belonged to chi groups also and have chi friends all over. You'll find that a stroke support group will have to move over a bit because you'll want to "meet" other bull dog owners. LOL


And yes, Asha, it is the #1 source of unconditional love.


You've already started showing pictures like a new parent and that dog isn't even yours!


Oh, and of course congratulations - there's nothing like it next to human kids- and they don't ever talk back. LOL.

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