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Farhaan Progress: 6th Month





Too busy with Farhaan, work and settling into the new place. Farhaan has so far made remarkable recovery. Head control is perfect, swallowing action is almost perfect. He started using his right hand to write stuff (color, drawings, and small sentences). Although his dominant side is the right, he tends to use his left for all attempts at activities.


As for speech, he tries to talk. He can call Ma, say "No", Say "Yes" and a few other words. I encourage him to try to use his speech to communicate instead of hand signs. Putting Farhaan in the pool does wonders for rehabilitation. I got him a life-jacket and one will never say that Farhaan has a disability when he is in the water (floating around on his back, pedaling with his legs). This pool has strengthened his mid section and hence improved his attempt to walk. Still walks on his toes with support from the back (he got the nick name 'twinkle toes' from the therapists at rehab).


The neurologist are quite impressed with his recovery up to this point - seeing that he has just completed 5 months after his stroke. From not being able to breathe on his own or eat, to almost completely walking or talking on is own.


Any advice from you guys will be really appreciated. I do understand that stroke recovery is a life long episode but does Farhaan


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Hey Zain:


I almost sent you PM wondering about Farhaan, I am glad you updated us, I am so happy for you and your family for Farhaan's amazing recovery so far, it always seems like miracle if we look back on how far we have come, and I think keeping positive attitude is always good, we all deal with our losses differently, for me it was saying myself constantly I will be same as before, made me deal with what I was thrown into. eventually I dealt with accepting myself, though looking at all positives still left in my life helped me immensely.


I don't know much about this new drug, I will ask my doctor about it,and if hear something will PM you.






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Hi Zain,


Thanks for the update! I'm impressed with how far Farhaan has come, given the severity of his stroke. The swallowing improvement in itself is HUGE. Glad you found him water therapy.


As for the speech...your son is already ahead of where my husband was at this point out from the stroke. He only had a one word vocabulary the first six months (yes) and it took many more months to add 'no.' Just the fact that he can write small sentences is an important factor to build real communication on down the road. A lot people with speech issues don't like using the communication board. My husband was one of them. While it may have helped me if he had used it, it frustrated him...he preferred to keep trying to get the words out. And in hindsight I don't think that was a bad thing for him to do. Everyone is different, trust your instincts.


I understand that people who were left-handed like your son can get back more speech than right handers. I take it his left hand is on his paralyzed side and that's why you're forcing him to use his right side? I'm left handed and I spend a semester in grade school having a teacher try to force me to use my right hand. Worse semester in my life so I sympathize with your son on that front.


We'll be thinking of you and your whole family.





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hi there


actually Farhaan is Right handed - got me confused cos he is writing wid both hands.


about 15 min ago my wife called me - she says he is walking around the pool with no support

I cant wait to go home this afternoon




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Although his dominant side is the left, we force him to use his right.


Sorry I misunderstood the above sentence to mean he was left handed. My mistake. You're going to have a great day, with news like your wife just gave you. :cheer:



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glad to hear about your son's continuing recovery . he is doing so well that it is just going to get better in leaps in bounds.. my hubby was 64 when he had his stroke and it is now four and a half years and he is still improving.. kind of like he was in a twilight zone for a couple of them.. he now can enjoy what is going on around him and join in on conversations ... I am sure that your son will be fine and it just takes time to heal remember it takes baby steps on at a time.. keep us posted..

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kool guys


Farhaan was very excited about his ability to walk in the pool. I went home yesterday afternoon and he couldnt wait to tell me about his experience. He actually called mom to verify his story. Farhaan was right handed pre stroke. Post stroke, his left side became more dominant and he learned to write with left side. After 'forcing' therapy, he can write almost legibly with both hands.


Weird weird weird.....


Deenie, glad to hear about your husbands progress. I have learnt so far that stroke rehabilitation is a lifetime adventure. Did get me down at times, way way down, but i (we) just gotta make the best of every day.


Chat soon

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it is normal to feel depressed about all these, whyme, and all, but I like your attitude about making best out of eery day, that's what my hubby says, and I love his other pearl of wisdom, yes we have fallen but its time to get up and make best out of what we got, and I have my own theory it could have been worse, and never project on your future by looking at present, things would be way different than what you think.


your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.




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Dear Zain

the whole team at Moleac is very happy and excited of the progress of Fahraan ! Thank you for quoting us in Fahraan blog.

Neuroaid is actually licensed for South Africa with MTI approval - and we hope to find a partner to distribute it in South Africa to make it available to patients. Similarly we hope to get it marketed and available in many markets in 2007: South East Asia, North Asia, US and EU....this is taking the mean time we are making all our effort to make it available for patients who get in touch with us, hoping to contribute to their rehabilitation

Warm regards


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Hi Zain,


What an incredible journey and the progress Fahraan is making is amazing.


I to would be optimistic based on progress and because he is so young. The brain can find ways to cope/fix what it can and young people believe wholeheartedly that anything is possible, (and they don't usually have the baggage adults carry around).


I sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your son.



Take care,




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