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More Fishin' Stuff



The last week has been GRRRRRRRRREEAAAAAAATT! We've been at the lake every day and have been kicking butt. This is too much fun. I haven't seen Sam so lit up in years! It's cold, but the fishing has been fantastic. We get out around 7 AM, and stay untill about noon, and get home with 12 trout. The folks we hang out with are great. It's like a little party out there. We don't really know each other, but we have a ball. Some are there everyday, some just pop up, but everyone is friendly. Sam got 2 golden trout the other day. They were as yellow as a lemon, with a pink stripe down the sides. Absolutly beautiful.


I'm not sure what genius came up with this idea, but it is wonderful. To have a lake that is so accessible for handicapped people to fish is amazing. Sam can fish out of her wheelchair, right next to anyone else, anywhere on the lake. We'll be out there tomorrow morning, but I have to head out to LA about 3 pm. Bummer. Oh well, "Time to make the donuts".


If you like cheesecake, but are as lazy as I am, here's a recipe that comes close.


8 oz cream cheese (softened)

14 oz can condensed milk (not evaporated!)

1/3 cup lemon juice

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Put all into a bowl and mix until smooth. Pour into a "no bake" pie crust, and set into the fridge for 3 hours. When you're ready to serve, pour on chilled cherry pie filling. Pretty close to cheesecake, without the hassle. Only takes 5 minutes to make.


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Used to make that when I was a Tupperware lady in the '80's. Kids called it Tupperware slice as I put it on a sweet crumb base and sliced it into squares. Nice with crushed pineapple on top too.


Good fishing, a great set up by the sounds of things. We have fishing ponds set up down south and disabled people have special chairs with seat belts on so they can't topple out with excitement when they get a bite!


So good to have special times to look back on.


Sue. :snorkel:

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wow you both are having fun in your fishing, and Thx for giving recipe of cheesecake, I m going to try making, I love cheesecakes.




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Glad you are having such a great time. I used to fish and loved it.


The cheese cake recipe sounds good and much easier....


I will copy this as I am always asked to bring dessert for the family pot lucks.. Nice to have a quick easy fix one.

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