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Showing Off!



So thrilled just had to show off! Since about Christmas I could raise myself to my rotator from my electric wheelchair or commode but my manual wheelchair is much lower so I needed help. Well today we went out in my manual wheelchair and on transferring after coming home I got half up on the rotator but felt sure there was more. So I sat back down, tried again and was determined to make it this time. I did make it, laughing with my victory as I straightened up. Small goal I set myself achieved. Still elated an hour later!


Had a good week. The standing frame (in the states an easistander I think) is electric but I help it as much as I can pushing up with my legs. This week I stood myself holding NOTHING. The seat of the frame hung limp and unused. Ross gets me always at end of the 20 minutes to half an hour standing to try to stand, not letting me use the stander as I do rotator, the thinking being it will strengthen my legs. My he missed his vocation as a physio! He pretended to help, but in reality merely held the seat, bolstering my confidence. Then encouraged me up and once up told me I'd actually done it alone. And yep could repeat it once I knew I could! That was a proud moment too.


Got an interactive game machine. I won't name it so I don't advertise but you move the controller to move the bat in the game. Intention is to build my muscle, and also coax our sons from their bedrooms. Hysterical. My sister was here and saw me, over and over releasing the ball tossing up in a tennis serve but then unable to hit it. Laughed as the crowd grew restless seeing the ball keep hitting the ground again and couldn't hit for the tears of laughter streaming down my face! My attempts at bowling were equally unskilled. Great fun. Point where my son kept shooting past the hole in golf was priceless. "You are 10 yards away" it declared then "you are 15 yards away"! The machine made him abandon that hole.


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Congrats Diane.. Wow You have come a LONG way.


You are doing GREAT. (I'm not to good at some of the computer games



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Congratulations on all you have accomplished, Diane!!! You go Girl!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:



When I was growing up, our family belonged to a country club. A lot of my friends and their parents played golf. One day, for want of something to do, my friends talked me into playing golf w/ them. They knew I didn't play and said we would practice on the tee, I think they called it.


They all took turns and hit the ball and got it into the hole. My turn came and I missed the ball. They encouraged me to try again and again and again. When I had a nice circle of dirt surrounding the divit, the golf pro came over and asked that we leave...DARN teenagers, always up to no-good ( :big_grin: )


That was years before my stroke! So don't worry, Diane, you are in good company! Take Care. LK



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