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Back to Saeboflex, more mind cleaning



Thank you one and all for the kind comments to yesterday's longwinded entry. The trip around Lake Superior is truly one all that can should make. If you do, the door is always open.


I have gone back to using the Saeboflex every day. I realized that I will build finger strength faster if I use it because of the springs on it resisting my finger movement. I have gone to a stronger spring. Alway do what your OT says, not what I say. The experiences I share with you apply only to me.


How do we clean the mind? First, we must like ourselves as we are. Every one of us no doubt wishes something about us was different. We all wish we were better looking, taller, skinnier, younger, smarter, healthier, or something else. Read my earlier blog about playing the hand we have been dealt. We must first forgive and like ourselves if we expect anyone else to. Failing to do that basic thing can quickly lead to life is not worth living consequences. Not good, don't go or stay there. During my first days in the hospital, I pondered on these things. The love of Lesley helped me like myself again, for a few days I didn't. Fortunately for me, her love for me for whatever reason, never stopped even when I could not move the left side at all. It is critical that we get to this point. That is why I am so opposed to useless negative thinking. It creates road blocks to our recovery. An important part of that is to resume whatever level of "normal" activity we can. That is why I still call my friend "Mike" (a stroke survivor) everyday. He lives alone, and has no one to show him love. If I miss a day, he lets me know it. It appears that for whatever reason, the calls are important to him. Physically, I think his recovery may be ahead of mine, but mentally I have concerns about "Mike".


Which brings me to the next step: hope. We all must have hope in something. If our own situation appears hopeless for now, transfer that hope to someone or something else. Example: follow the life of a grandchild, etc and help them define the hope and dreams for their future. Keep your hopes local and personal, something you have an actual input to. Hoping for peace in the world is noble, but not likely to be realized in our lifetime. In the hosp a Dr. told me it would get worse before it got better. It did. Those were indeed dark days, but lo and behold, it has gotten some better. That Dr. comment and Lesley's love gave me the courage to face an uncertain future, knowing it would likely get worse, but will eventually get better. Keep that hope. That is why we eat dessert last. We all prefer it to veggies, but the hope is that if we eat our veggies first, we'll get the reward of a yummy dessert later. (especially if Lesley makes it). We came into this world being held in our mothers arms. At that time she had hopes and dreams for us. Most of us probably have not fulfilled all of them. None the less, we were born into this world with hope. We are creatures of hope. Keep it real and local, but make sure you have it.


BTW, you survivors will appreciate this. Yesterday as Lesley struggled to register on this board with her own name and blog, I hovered over her trying to help. Her computer skills are even more limited than mine. It was music to my ears when she said "let me do it!' My sentiments exactly.


I promised myself that I would make it shorter today so I'll quit now. The large hole in the top of my coffee cup has done it's job again.


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Bravo for you, Lesley and a great attitude! You speak the truth very eloquently and your voice is a valuable asset to this site. Your blog is becoming one of the first ones I read as I find you refreshing and inspirational.


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I too really enjoy your blogs. Your enthusiasm has inspired me to work with my saeboflex again. I think you write really well and are very inspiring and very encouraging to many people. I too believe in the power of positive thinking . I see no point in negativity. When I was in rehab they kept sending the shrink to see me and I don't think he ever truly believed that I wasn't depressed. I didn't see any point, it wouldn't help me get better. I do believe that many people are depressed and they should seek help, either through medication or therapy.

I decided the only way I could get better was to never refuse any therapy or treatment no matter how difficult or pointless it seamed at the time. I needed to come home to finnish my job of raising my children.That's where I am today, still fighting.


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Your blog is inspirational. Brought tears to my eyes as I read about Hope. You are a wonderful writer and I say to you what I've said to HostSue - you should write a book.

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