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in my dreams




some nights i have dreams about my mom


i don't know how i feel about them


i wake up and cry after them but they help me remember


what her voice sounded like


how she walked and moved


in my dreams i have my mom


i can pick up the phone and shoot the breeze with her


she has a voice that is so clear and strong


in my dreams she drives to my house on the weekends


hangs out with the grandkids


in my dreams she is my strong and independent mother


the one who pushes me to be strong and independent


in my dreams i don't feel alone








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I am reading this on the eve of Mother's Day. It expresses how I feel about my mum too. She can no longer speak with advanced dementia. I just visit her in order to be with her. It is so hard.


I admire you for the way you struggle through all your issues. Honesty is a rare attribute these days. Keep on going. We will be here cheering you on.



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