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Pics of Lesley and Tippy



Hopefully attached are two pictures of Lesley holding Tippy at age two weeks. We made a long trip to see Tippy yesterday. It was a 250 mile trip one way, Lesley was so pumped up she drove all 500 miles of the trip in our new Honda. She is still grinning from ear to ear. She was in her glory with new puppies all around her. Tippy's mother and father were there and are beautiful, lovely dogs. Tippy comes from good stock. We are now busy "puppy proofing" the house. Hiding wires, shoes, etc. I told Lesley that in spite of our best efforts he will find something to chew up that will distress us. Expect it. Anyway, we will probably get him the first part of June. Dickons will get her picture then. A side story to the name Tippy. I grew up in Indiana and am well familiar with Tippicanoe and Tyler too. Thanks again Dickons for a great name that means more to us than you ever could have guessed.


Away to Canada again tomorrow for another Active Release treatment. Shoulder continues to improve. I have been taking an anti-inflammatory med for shoulder inflammation. It is much better now, hopefully I can start more strengthening exercises soon. I did check the left leg against my good right leg a few days ago. The exercise I am doing with the left leg is up to 150 lbs, the right leg could hardly do it at all. Looks like the left leg has nearly completed it's comeback. I am now doing both legs to equally strengthen them.


A beautiful day here, saw our first robin today. Lesley is away getting Jasmine our Bichon groomed, I must start my exercises.


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Tippy is precious. Suggestion of chew toys for when he's going through the "teething" process. For sure I hope my kiddo doesn't see these pics lol - I'm having a tough enough time. Before you know it Tippy will be home with his family.


Good going George on strengthening the left leg.

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Hi George,


Tippy is so sweet. This is making my week - so very very cute - just starting to see the world. Puppys are so wonderful.




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