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My baby graduated High School last week! He willl be playing NCAA football for Millersville University. Only a short few weeks til he leaves.


My older son relocated to Florida in March. He needs to find himself. Though I miss him very much, It is somewhat a relief not to have the drama here on a daily basis, I worry about him but he needs to grow up and living on his own and having to make it is the best thing for him.


I am not looking forward to not having them around. My daughter is still at home but gone most of the time.

I am watching a 1 year old most of the time as his mom works 2 jobs,,,she is kinda my new project...single mom, lots of problems but looking for guidance to get back on her feeet.

Maybe God knew I would need to be available for this.


Having health problems, but getting through it. No insurance so options are very limited. Need some prayers on that as there may be something pretty serious going on.


Just trying to keep busy and do a little good.



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Mary, it is nice to see you back blogging again. Congratulations on your family, the graduate, the independent son and your daughter, busy with her own life. You have done a mighty good job under very difficult circumstances.


And good for you, helping out and being a mentor and guide to another single mum. We need more of that in our communities, women who are willing to help out wherever they are needed. For a while there it looked as if the older, wiser woman was an endangered species!


I think keeping busy and doing good are excellent goals for the future.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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