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Just taking a bit of time to update here. Gosh! there seems to be no time! I am so far behind in keeping up the house. Having a baby 24/7 all summer has put me behind. I love that little boy! and his mom is such a mess but doesn't seem to want to change. I got caught up in her manipulation and had to take a step back. It is nice only having the baby part of the day and having some time to catch up.


My baby went off to college football camp the beginning of the month. He calls 3 to 5 times a day and misses home. Camp is hard and he is doing well. Looking to be in the starting lineup. If you follow college football my baby is # 73 on Millersville. First game on the 25th in W VA so I will be travelling. Don't know whether or not I will stay a night....its alot of driving but I have to watch the finances too. Driving isn't too good for me. Perception problems make me a bit wary. I do drive slower and have slower reaction times. I kind of crashed earlier in the summer...not judging correctly. Only the car was hurt.


The middle son is having a hard time in Florida and wants to come home as soon as he can. He hopes to be home for Christmas and his birthday and maybe for good once his lease is up in May. Things are not waht his friend had said they were. I feel bad for him being away from family and friends and how I wish I could go down there for a visit...finances again.



My daughter works in daycare and loves it. She has a little work to finish her CDA and is really dragging her feet about it. She is at home. Has a boyfriend that I don't really like but I try to keep quiet about that. She will have to make her own choice.


I had hoped to have a huge garden this year but that didn't happen, and the small one I have is doing poorly. I just made some pesto from all the basil I am growing. It was the first good harvest so far. I really need to find help to make a bigger one next year so I can grow veggies and do some canning and freezing. Somehow I feel good making something from almost nothing.


Right now, I am trying to get things done around the house. I am having a friend help me with some walls that have to be replaced due to flooding and then the back door needs to be replaced. I am hoping to re make a playroom and hopefully have a few kiddies to own little daycare...need to be able to make ends meet somehow and I love kids. The hard thing for me is asking for a certain amount of $...I just feel like I would like to be able to help someone who cannot afford the high price of daycare. I just want to make ends meet and feel useful again.


Keep my dear husband in prayer. God knows what he needs.

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so nice to see your blog after long time, I am glad your kids are doing well in their respective area, I will be watching your kido in the football game & rooting for #73. I am so happy that you love kids and want to daycare, don't feel badly about asking for money, you will be doing whole lot more for those kids, not just giving & receiving love. My mom does babysitting & she loves it, the best part is she says you get love of all kids which is so unconditional.




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