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a better day (picture of me)



thank you all for your support It really does help to know someone cares how I feel. Most of the time I am just venting because I have no real friends to talk to accept all of the stuffed animals i have in my room from being in the hospital so much. Today was finally a better day. My mom and I got into it again but I find it easier to ignore her until her medicine kicks in than to argue. Lastnight I went to the movies with my cousin and her boyfriend and tonight we went to the mall. It felt so great to finally be out of the house. I had been shut in since Friday.

Tomorrow I will go get my permit. I am so scared. It is almost 12am and I can not sleep. Fortunately, I saved all of my driver's ed material from last year. I made an 85 on the final exam last year so I think if I study good, I will do fine tomorrow. I am just so nervous. I want to have faith that I can do it but I also dont want to loook forward to it, just to be dissapointed again. I am hoping for the best and expecting the worst. I will just study until I cant hold my eyes open. I have to get up at 7:45 so I can be at the DMV early. Hopefully I can get my permit tomorrow then get enough practice so later I can appeal to the medical board at Raleigh and show them how good of a driver I am. I know it's late and I doubt anyone will read this before 9 am but wish me luck or prayers or whatever you do for good things to happen. Im so excited, scared, and nervous!

I will update when I get back from the DMV and let everyone know how it goes.


A picture of me (just for the fun of it) :big_grin:

IPB Image


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1st - thank you.....and as you ask yourself why this crazy person is thanking me...and for what?


Young lady, you have snapped my funk that I've been in for the past week. I've barely posted and even deleted my blog entries. I saw your picture and your sweet smiling face and I was rejuvenated and inspired. Katrina, you have your future in front of you.


Best of luck tomorrow at DMV - remember, if you don't suceed, keep trying..keep pushing forward....all is in HIS time. You also have college not too far ahead of you. What an exciting time. As to family problems, they happen...I've thought about writing a book - As the Stomach Churns - :yikes: for some of the stuff that has happened in mine. But you know, take the experiences you've had, learn from them. and in turn be a better person. You've already got the beginnings of being a great grown-up. :D I am a better Mom to my daughter than my Mother has ever been with me - I broke the cycle - you can too.

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Katrina - I have plenty of time to pray for you before 9am your time. So just picture me here sending up prayers on your behalf. And if you don't get it this time there is always a next time.


As Donna said we can all get in a "blue funk" survivors and caregivers alike. And you do have a lot to contend with as a teenager who has had a stroke. But we are here to support you.


And as Donna also said you can be a better parent by educating yourself and determining that you will do the very best you can do when you raise your own family.


((HUGS))) from Sue.

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first and foremost do you know how great your smile is, keep on smiling even when things are not so good, cause you never know when they will turn around and you might have missed that happy moment by going into blue funk mood. I am sure you are going to do good in your test, study hard and leave rest in God's hands, You have so much to look forward to begining of college and getting degree, becoming independent, choices are unlimited, make best out of your situation. I told you there is one girl who even with being quadraplegic graduated from Harvard, and finished her phd. read her book "miracles happen" inspired me so much.




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Hi Katrina -

First I want to say you have a great smile and it appears a great mind to go with it. I know all may seem hopeless right now but it will get better - heym you graduated! That's a great big step. If your disability comes through then that will help too If it doesn'y go through the first time, fight it - have your doc help you.


I know it all hurts and is very confusing - all I can tell you is to give it time - everything does even out - it mast not be exactly the way you want bu you have to trust that it will be for the best.


Sending you the warmest of thoughts and wishes for the best -

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:cloud9: Katrina , you are beautiful! I have every faith you will do awesome in getting your permit. I understand how family can drive one crazy! I have sisters that have done some wild, off the wall things! But as I get older I try not to dwell on the past(believe me it is hard) and focus on the positive today and build positive relationships with them in the now. I just try to do that in general, in all aspects of life. You can to Katrina, As others have said, you have your whole life ahead of you. A new life because you are just starting a new journey with college as a first step. You have been through alot and overcome so much. It will only make you that much stronger to conquer what's ahead of you. You are a strong WOMAN and you will prevail! Keep your chin up and hold your head up high Girl! :D

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