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good news and bad news



First Thanks again to everyone and I say you'e wlcomed to dstraugh. So I guess I will give the bad news first. Ok the bad news is I did NOT get my permit today. The good news is, I passed the test and I only missed one question. Now I will either wait until my doctor fills out more medical forms and sends them to Raleigh or just go to the board in Raleigh myself and let them evaluate me. I am not sad at all. I studied hard and I passed my test so I have done all I can do. Now I will just wait for an answer on what to do next.

My day was pretty good. I tried to put aside issues with my mom and we basically spent the day together (with no arguing!) I can tell you all have been hoping the best for me because things are really getting better. Even though I am not working or driving and stll being driven by my mom and dad, I am starting to feel like an adult now that I am handling my own business and spending my own money. I went and got a North Carolina i.d card and lucky for me, I needed it when I went to request a transcript for college. I am starting to become very excited about college. Sunday, I go for a honors seminar. I will be there until Tuesday so I will miss my laptop dearly. We will be going on field trips and to workshops so I know it will be fun. Lucky for me, my new brace should be finished by Friday. My doctor called today and explained that he will add hinges around the ankle because he thinks that will help the muscle in my heel and make me walk better. I think I will buy new shoes after I get my brace so I wont get so tired when walking around museums and campuses next week during the seminar. I am thinking about buying more nurse's shoes. They are very wide and they have no heel. Well sorry this is so long but again I appreciate all of the love and support you all give me. It puts a smile on my face to see the number of comments I get. Oh yeah thanks for commenting my picture. Sorry it is so blurry. I will be sure to post one of my cap and gown pictures with my big smile once my order comes in about 2 weeks. I love you all!

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hey Katrina:


congrats for passing the test, ?& good luck for your next step, it is so good to see you happy about life, I am sure you are going to have lot of fun in your seminar, update us when u come back, and can't wait to see your picture in cap and gown.




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:congrats: on passing your test girl!! Way to Go!! :Clap-Hands: Things are moving along for you and we want to hear ALL about your seminar - you see, we're a nosey bunch around here and get excited for someone when new things are occuring especially one of our cyber family members. I also look forward to seeing you in your cap and gown. Try to keep your chin up and smile no matter how family behaves.

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:bouncing_off_wall: See G i i i i i r r r r r l l l l l! You got this and you know it! :Clap-Hands:

Rock Steady Girlfriend! :gleam:

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:beer: way to go.... one step at a time.


Have a great time at the seminar.. we will be waiting to hear about it.


make sure your shoes are comfy and that your brace isn't rubbing your leg..

Was happy to see your photo and look forward to the grad pics.



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Congrats on passing your test - way to go girlfriend!!!!!!!!!! :happydance: Comfy shoes are a MUST. Good luck with your seminar - that kind of thing would scare the daylights out of me - hats off to you.

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"Sunday, I go for a honors seminar. I will be there until Tuesday so I will miss my laptop dearly. We will be going on field trips and to workshops so I know it will be fun."<BR><BR>This is the greatest because you will be more familiar with the campus when you go in September. <IMG style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle" alt=happydance.gif src="http://www.strokeboard.net/style_emoticons/default/happydance.gif" border=0 emoid=":happydance:"> <BR>See. good things are happening; it just takes a little patience, planning and thought. It's great that you passed your test! Heck!, we all knew you could do it!<IMG style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle" alt="" src="http://www.strokeboard.net/style_emoticons/default/laughbounce.gif" border=0 emoid=":laughbounce:"><BR><BR>Is a picture in the gallery now? I can't wait to see the formal cap and gown photo! And I said one has to have patience - duh! <IMG style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle" alt=imstupid.gif src="http://www.strokeboard.net/style_emoticons/default/imstupid.gif" border=0 emoid=":im stupid:"> <BR><BR>I', off to the gallery for a look-see. I never guess what people look like correctly. Probably won't this time either.<BR><BR>Phyllis

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