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a dose of the college life



I just got back from college today. Unfortunately, I can not say I had fun. We toured the museum of history and museum of natural sciences and then we toured the legislative building in Raleigh. It was so much walking and it was so hot. Later that night we had to go on a scavenger hunt in groups of 5. I was made captain of my team. I guess I was supposed to have fun but I did not. My legs were hurting so bad and the heat was giving me a headache. Instead of mingling with everyone else and participaing in the activities, I mostly stayed in my dorm. I started to get upset. I wish I could just walk and not be so tired. I wish I could have played cards with everyone else. I wish I could have participated in the water baloon fight and slept outside bonding with everyone else. I wish I didnt have to sit in my first floor room with my bed beside my window listening to everyone scream and laugh all night playing games in the courtyard beside my dorm. I wish I could run so my team would have won first place in the scavenger hunt instead of having to take things slow for me leaving us in last place. I wish I didn't have to make 5 trips from my room at the end of the hallway to the showers at the other end just to carry all of my stuff. I wish the doors weren't so heavy and my key wouldn't get stuck everytime I had to unlock the doors. I wish I didn't have to make 4 trips from my table to the serving line in the cafeteria just to get everything I wanted to eat. I wish that dumb cashier wouldnt have rung that stupid loud bell to get someone to carry my tray at the restaurant. I wish the mentors would quit asking me if I was ok every 5 minutes when it was obvious that I was tired. Sometimes I wish I could just get a degree online. I couldnt even make any friends not because I chose to be alone but because I couldn't do any of the things they were doing. I am still tired right now but I havent got much sleep in the last few days. I wish I could just ride a scooter around campus or atleast there wasen't so many hills and uneven bricks in the roads for me to trip over. I guess I need to change my attitude but it is so hard when the negatives outweigh the positives. Anyway, I have an appointment tomorrow so my doctor can fix the new brace he gave me on Friday since it started hurting my foot as soon as I left his office. Hopefully that will help me walk better and I am thinking about taking a multivitamin to give me more energy since my anemia obviously leaves me drained the entire day.

Sorry I couldnt bring back any good news. Lots of stuff happend but being the pessimist that I am, I can only remember the things that bothered me


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:console: Sorry your first college adventure was a flop for you.Try not to dwell on the negative aspects as you said there were good things too. It's healthier to look at the positives. Is it posssible to use a scooter during your time there? That would be much easier especially getting from one side of campus to other.


I hope your brace gets adjusted properly. That will make a big difference.


I'm sure the pain you were experiencing added to the negative experience.


Chin-up dear - better days are coming!

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in life 90% your attitude will define how that experience or situation is. I strongly feel you should give yourself credit for trying, so what it took 4 rounds to get things, but hey you got it done. life is struggle sometime, give a good fight. always look at somepositives that will you get you very far, who wants to be friends with depressed person. life is short enjoy every minute of it.




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Hi Sorry you didn't have fun... but you have learned what it may take to make college life easier.


They have little carts (some have liners of fabric in bright colors) the little wire carts for groceries. you could get one of those to put you bath stuff in and pull it with you to the shower room. Look for some answers.. alternatives. spray a little oil on your key. Why couldn't you sit outside? get a little canvas folding chair.. have one of the girls carry it outside for you. Talk to the Dr about your fatigue.. maybe some vitamin B 12 shots.. I'm sure there is a nurse on site, most colleges have a nurse practioner. If you can purchase the vitamin B 12 the nurse there could give you the injections monthly. If you draw back and pull away from your dorm rommates .. they will in turn pull back.


Sometimes you may have to push to put on a happy face and join in. then others will respond.. you will find yourself having fun .. and it will not be so hard to push yourself to join in.


Once there maybe you can find some "clubs" that are not so physically active... like year book, or journal club. study groups. things you like.


You have a new start.. but you have to reach out too.

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yeah what bonnie said, girl you are smart so put on the thinking cap not the blue cap and think of ways to improve the bumps in life. I have always heard the best thing for keys is graphite, so if all you have is a pencil, use the lead which is also graphite and color it up with your pencil and see if that helps, not as likely to make the lock gunky as anything oily although they may help also. sometimes you can buy powder graphite for locks but I haven't seen any in a while, when I was growing up we just used the pencil trick. and it usually worked if you still have trouble get with the dorm mother or whoever is in charge of the dorm room keys. . I have even seen canes with attached seat on it, have you checked into getting a scooter or wheelchair to use to get around campus. also maybe a backpack I saw a mesh one at wal-mart today for under $400. and I have seen the walkers with a tray on it for food. i also have problems worth carting food so I sit close to the buffet tables so I don't have as far to walk, then I stack stuff to carry like on top of my tea I will put like a Small dish like a brad or dessert plate or i will hod the tea and one side of plate in good hand then hold bad hand under other side of plate , that way the good hand tells me if I am not level before everything slides off. also i do that with the tray sometimes. i yes see about vitamins and as bonnnie said vitamin b, I take my vitamins everyday just to feel right, so with added stress and activity it just seems like you need more. sorry I was off for a while I lost my modem in a bad storm and yours was the first biog I read. so I can relate to being without the lifeline. we are all rooting for you. :rolleyes: :yadayada: :hiya:

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Unfortunately my answer to your blog got swallowed up in cyber space but as I was driving to work this morning, I gave your blog a lot of thought and came up with I think the perfect answer.


BELIEVE IT OR NOT, YOU HAD THE PERFECT WEEKEND! No, I haven't lost my marbles - let me explain. Although you did not have fun, you learned much more than you realized. You see, you now know exactly what you have to do in the next few weeks before the opening of school. You got a glimpse of the problems you will encounter and can work on their solutions. You have received excellent suggestions and I will also give you a few - do this: Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. On the left, write the problem you encountered and on the right, put the suggestions given to you as well as any you may come up with or embellish those there. Then choose the answer for that problem.


My suggestion to help many of the problems. This may seem like going backward but it will solve so many of the issues. Do you have a rollator? If not consider getting one. You cam get one which has a basket which you can put your books into- a backpack can be a load on your back. You can put in your bathroom needs when in the dorm and if a tray isn't available, you can use the seat for your food tray. If you are tired because the campus is spread out, you can sit and rest a few minutes on the seat and you won't fall over any rocks because the wheels will hit them first and you will b e holding onto the handlebars and have the bicycle type brakes. There may be a problem in rain but that can be figured out. They cost somewhere in the 150.00 or so range but are certainly cheaper than a car and even cheaper than some bicycles. This has solved several of your problems. And they do fold up. I'm not sure about the basket type since I did not get a basket but if you don't, you can get a large tote to put on the handles bars.


Not so many problems will put you in a better frame of mind and even if there are no available seats anywhere, you will always have one and won't have to stay in the dorm because your legs are tired.


Figure out each problem and you will have accomplished a lot from the weekend.


Remember, you are a fortunate girl; you have intelligence on your side; use it. And you have us. LOL! We have years of experience.



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Hi Katrina,


First off - really glad you are still blogging and listening to others advice, even if you choose not to take it - you read it and thought it through, and made your own decision...How many other young adults would? Kudo's to a young adult who uses her brain.


Everyone's ideas are great, if you like them but cannot implement them bring the reason why back here: Can't find it? Someone will know where to look. Can't afford it? Someone will know how to get a grant or discount, etc.


Too scared or shy to be different and stand out? Everyone is different and whether or not you can pull it off with style and grace is all in the attitude. Don't believe me? Try it the next time you go out - look a person straight in the eye, when they make eye contact back, smile a bit to acknowledge them - what happened next? The next person you see keep your eyes down but watch them, they will not initiate contact because your attitude told them not too. Everything in life works the same way - you will get back what you give.


What I do to have a life, is to find the short cuts to keep the fatigue at bay. Consider a scooter, make it unique so it becomes intriguing to others. Make people interested in the girl with the scooter. You have a chance most of us do not. The chance to teach other young adults that just because we are different we are not scary or strange, just different. You can show them that stereotypes are wrong. Imagine a world without stereotypes, you can make a difference.


Manage the fatigue, everyone has to manage something, asthma, diabetes, deafness, not as smart, too shy, too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, etc, etc. Save the energy you spend walking for life, be open, make eye contact, smile. Try it for a week.


You have the ability, find a way to make it happen.


Kind regards,




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hi katrina, what a tough day you had but it will get better, you have been given some great ideas. i am sure there are other handicapped people there, find out how they cope with their difficulties. each day will be alittle easier, rest as much as you can if you need to, there will be plenty of time to socialize with friends, after all this was just your 1st day. chin up girl you can do it. i hope you have better days ahead.

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