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Beautiful pictures and a beautiful smile. You are a very pretty young woman with an amazing future. I take it you also graduated with Honors by seeing the various adornments you were wearing with your gown. I can't recall the exact terms for them :Scratch-Head: but you know what I mean. Thank you for sharing.

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Oh yes, I agree. A very pretty girl and yes, a wonderful smile. With that smile how can things go wrong.


Have been wondering what is going on. Working on your "problems you found? When does school start?

Well, I'm on my way to take a nap.



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Thanks for sharing your photos. Yes a Wonderful smile, you look so happy and proud :)


Look how far you've come. The sky's the limit.. Reach for the sky.. You can do it...

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I bet you a dime, I'm the only one who can not find the pictures you uploaded. I went to the gallery, used the search box with your name, no results.


If you can point me in the right direction I'll take a peek.


I had a disk made with pictures on it. I have been trying for 3 days to get them to show any place on this site now. I wanted one with my profile or in the gallery, but I'll settle for any place it lands now just to say I did it. I am not a computer smart person.

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you make us all so proud of you achievements, go get them tiger with that smile and that smartness. As Donna says those medals are for honors, then you deserve my salute captain, God has given you smartness and courage o make best out of your life.




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