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I apologize for not being active like I said I would. I just finished the 3 page summary on the 25 page article I had to do for my honors freshmen seminar class. It has really taken up a lot of my time. Sometimes I want to update because I am extremely happy and sometimes I just want to vent because I am so upset. My moods fluctuate so much I dont see the point in updating everytime something happens. Anyway my summer has been all work and very little fun. I kind of figured turning 18 wouldnt be so much fun since I still feel like my stroke was just yesterday.

So anyway I went to the dentist and I have to go back next week to get fillings because I have cavities. My Dr. finally did my paperwork for school so now I don't have to worry about not getting a room. I called yesterday and set up an appointment with a doctor I used to see right after my stroke. Hopefuly I can get back into physical therapy or something because my wrist has been aching I think since it stays bent all the time and my knee has been hurting. I have an appointment with him the day before I move in on campus. As for driving, Im just kissing that goodbye. My doctor just now even looked at the paperwork I gave him last month and he says I need my eye doctor as well as a neurologist to fill out the sections of the papers he does not understand. I am not scheduled to see another neurologist until next month ad my driving papers needed to be sent to Raleigh in 30 days which will be next Saturday. I guess I will have to start the process all over according to the lady who gave me the test at the dmv. I don't even care anymore. To make things worse, my brother got in a car accident the other day (He's ok) so now my dad has to take off work everyday not only to take him to work but now to take him to the chiropractor for therapy everyday. My dad spends more time "playing taxi" for me and my brother more than he spends time at work. Its not my fault I cant drive. My brother got his license taken away for a dui so that is his fault he cant drive. I just wish I could drive and not have to bother everyone for rides and have them waiting for me to finish appointments. I wish I could just go do something fun or finish shopping for my dorm but I cant even do that because all of my money is in the bank and they lost the debit card they were suposed to send me 3 weeks ago. Besides, I know it would be a headache to find someone to take me to the bank to get some cash and I really do not want just anyone taking me to the bank because I have no money to give away, not even gas money. Anyway sorry this was so long. I just had to vent. Thanks for the comments on my pictures and oh yeah I seen one of those walker things at a restaurant. I think my mom knows where I can get one.


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No need to apologize kiddo for venting. Life is definitely different from what it was prestroke for any of us. But life now is better than the alternative - although sometimes we need a gentle smack upalongside the head to remind us of it. Depending on your insurance, why not check into getting a script from your doc and pursue getting a scooter? That would provide you with additional independence.


Hopefully your brother learned his lesson after the accident.

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have you looked into redcross providing medical transportation to disabled people, they do charge some money for it, but its worth program and they do need 1 week advance notice & your township might provide transport system to gricery store, bank,mall& stuff.




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Katrina we all have days where we need to vent and it's okay to do it.


I am pleased that you are active and working on everything. Congrats on that because you are learning what works and doesn't and that will help you achieve other goals in life.


Check out the stores on line that are in your area. Do the window shopping on line and you will then know just what you want to get so you will be ahead of the game.


Kind regards,


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Dear Katrina--No need to apologize for venting here. If you need to vent, this is definitely the place to do it. Its a safe place to do it, too.


I feel your frustration and I applaud the above suggestions given to you. See? There is another benefit to venting. You get all kinds of good advice.


You are doing so well in your schoolwork. Good for you. It seems you enjoy it, too. It will be exciting to be on a college campus. A scooter would be great for you to traverse the campus going from class to class. Just don't get any speeding tickets! Take Care. LK

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Katrina, dear. you need an advocate - someone to run interference for you. There are organizations that will help young people like you. Is there an Elks organization in your community? It is a benevolent organization. When you get on campus, talk to your advisor and explain your problems. It is okay to ask for help.


My granddaughter is going to be attending college in South Carolina. She will be a junior at Anderson University. She's driving down there from Topeka, KS which is about 1000 miles. Closer to you but a long way from me.


You are going to be just fine. Keep the faith.



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Hey Cagebird,


This may cheer you up, there is another college member in your age group who just joined. Can't recall her name at the moment, she may send you a PM. As everyone has already mentioned, venting is necessary. You have a full plate in front of you.


Keep your head up and stay positive in all aspects of study and life.

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Listen, if I had to apologize for ventin every time I did it, I wouldn't have time to do anything else. Venting is very healty. Sure beats keeping it in and making yourself miserable.


Hang in there! Send me a pm if you need to talk! :happydance:

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Guest thegoodlife





You deserve to vent sounds like you have been a VERY busy girl with emotions that run wild after stroke, plus everything else of course.


There are many organizations that will help you w/counseling/transportation etc. First, I'd try Information Referral, Red Cross, Dept of Rehabilitation, Jobforce(they would definitely help w/college thing), go to your County and see if they would have anything u could do. I found so many different services available FREE it was unreal and the people are/were SUPER. They really like to help those who are willing to help themselves.


Goodwill helps people get back on their feet and I have to say it is not as near as demeaning as I thought.


Also, DO NOT GIVE UP ON THE DRIVING!!!! You can and will do it-just takes time to get those eyes working right. It can and will happen find if you can a Vision Therapist. My Physical Therapists helped me alot with suggestions for them and for eye exercises.


You definitely are one of those!!!! :Clap-Hands: :cheer: :cheer:


YOU GO GIRL :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :happydance: :happydance:






After 6 yrs of working and taking care of myself w/support of some really nice,loving,caring people.

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