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new pictures



Hello everyone. First I just want to thank everyone who left me cpmments, advice, and support. I really do appreciate it. I added new pictures in my album and tried to attach it to this entry because it is kind of hard to find. I was dressed up because I had just left church. Anyway I have been doing good. I've been getting out of the house a lot more and going out having fun. This weekend I plan to go to a concert and a friend of mine from high school s having a birthday party at laser tag. The concert is going to have a lot of rappers and singers performing the latest dance songs so I will probably feel out of place but I think I will still enjoy the music. I have never played laser tag before but I heard it is when you run around and tag people with lasers. Since I can't do much running and my vision isn't the greatest, I'll probably suck at it but I think I will give it a try.:) I will let you all know how everything goes. I move into the dorm on august 18. The date is approaching so fast!


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hey Katrina:


great pictures, gret smile, keep on positive attitude and enjoy every minute of your life, only today & this moment is guranteed, so have fun at laser tag, I have always dropped my son to lasertag parties, never been to 1, I guess too old now :D




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Katrina - you have the nicest smile I've seen in a long time. Go have fun at both the concert and the laser party.

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Beautiful pictures Katrina! Kick it at the concert and enjoy the vibes. Hope you have fun at Laser Tag..I am glad you are going to at least try it and be safe! Later!

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Thanks for more photos.. I think you are getting to be our little girl here..LOL


Have fun at laser tag and the concert. So glad you are getting out and doing things. Yes August is not very far away.



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Super pictures. Enjoy the concert and Laser Tag. My daughter was just at one before we moved and she had a blast. It's good to see you jumping in and trying different things. Sitting within 4 walls is a bummer.


Before you know it, you'll be an official college student.

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:Clap-Hands: hey caged bird you are a beautiful young lady you with that big smile just remember the bird may be down for a bit but her wings have not been clipped just side lined you just have to wait to those feather to grow back and yes they will with time so what if you have to build a new nest but you can do that hope all goes well with your education hope to see you again in chat real soon and once again good luck with all you do :Good-Luck: :happydance: :happydance: :yadayada: :Clap-Hands: :bouncing_off_wall: with joy :cloud9: take care





BESSY :big_grin:

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hi katrina, i was so happy to hear you are getting out more and you should. you are a beautiful girl with her whole life ahead of you. you will have so much fun in college, so enjoy every moment. i bet the concert and laser tag will be alot of fun. enjoy yourself and take care.

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