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You asked for it, you got it



Heartfelt thanks for all the encouragement to continue blogging. It won't be particularly stroke survivor oriented now, but rather just our daily living and overcoming challenges. The big news here is Lesley is getting her outside brick bread oven built next week. The mason showed up today and evaluated the site, all OK there.


She also had a bit of luck. The local whole foods coop is closing it's bread bakery. They are selling all the equipment at bargain prices. She bid on what she wanted equipment wise, and got it. Stuff like bread cooling pans, racks, flour bins, scales, etc. We pick up the stuff Saturday with some friends to help. Our basement gets ever fuller with stuff.


I couldn't really deny her after just buying the boat, fair is fair. She has her toys, I have mine. Speaking of the boat, a friend is welding a bit on it now, in times past I would have done that myself, but not now, should get it back tomorrow. We hope to take it out again as a family in the next few days, see if everything works. Lesley also got a yoghurt maker today and the depth finder I ordered for the boat came in also today. UPS knows our driveway well indeed.


The effects of the stroke are still with me some, but we are just getting on with life. Now that Tippy is sleeeping thr night thru, I am sleeping better as well. I still have many days where a nap is needed, hate to waste the short summer here sleeping during the day, but have to some days.


Tippy continues to grow and play with our other dog endlessly. She gets prettier every day. I do what I can outside for an hour or so, then rest. Lesley has our yard looking lovely. The hard work over the winter post stroke has indeed been worth it, am now doing more of what I want to do, feeling better all the time. Don't give up, no one but you can do for yourself what needs to be done, but then you get to reap the rewards of your hard work. Achieving goals is really neat stuff, make yours short term and realistic, then revel in the satisfaction for a few days of having reached them, then set more!


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My brother in law built a bread/pizza oven. They love it. Would also be good for cast iron .. dutch oven cooking.


Glad you are getting out in the boat..


Dogs are such fun.. and so entertaining (well most of the time..mine are beyond the "puppy" stage so don't get into much "mischeif" anymore.


Enjoy the summer.. and am waiting to smell the first loaf baking.. YUMMY

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George, Sometimes I think my new middle name is :tired: . But ya know, your body is still healing and needs the rest to continue the healing process. We need to see some pics of the growing Tippy when you have the opportunity.


Glad to hear you guys are having great weather - here in the sweltering southwest desert it's getting nasty. We could hit 114 tomorrow. AZ is great in the fall, winter and what spring we have - this weather is the downfall. We just try to keep cool and start the countdown to better weather conditions. :rolleyes:

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Hi George,


Seems like I have a story for everthing... Mom and I were going through the house last week looking at stuff as she is downsizing to a condo. As we went through the rooms we came to her flour mill. All my life I had home baked bread. Mom would start out by filling the grinder with wheat and then by the late afternoon we had bread that would melt in your mouth. Mom's bread was the best and she said it was because she ground the flour just before she used it.




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