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lightning hit my modem

lady k


last week lightning hit our wires and fried my modem and fried my daughters computer so I have had acute withdrwal from the internet again. tis week I stasryed out the week with a tooth abcess, after x-rays I found out that I need the tooth cut out, well sctually it was wher my wisdom tooth caused problems with tmy back teeth and this is the only one left do the will will cut it and the isdom tooth out, that is scheduled for friday. i have to stop taking tjhe plavix and aspirin, and my regular dr said stop for this week and next week. the antibiotic took down the swelling pretty fast and also relieved the pain so now I just wait for friday. sure did miss the internet to keep my mind busy. I also found out I can aopply for housing assistance in one of the senior citizen apartments whwere the state helps with the rent. there are 3 fairly close the best one has a waiting list for a year to 18 months, threre is another one in wills point that is fasirly nice but doesn't have as much stuff as the one in terell. it has a swimming pool with water exercise and also a exercise room and a bus that tskes everyone to walmart and then the dollar store, plus other activities,a friend at church has a brother who is disabled that is in it, the one in wills point has both 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and another lady at church lives there with her son. they are nice also, there is also one here in quinlan I will check out, they are all one bedroom. i founf out that someone at church has some friends who live there. It will be nice to live in a place with a real kitchen and bathroom and not as tiny as the travel trailer, also I love baths. noew I have a hand held shower but even a regular shower with regular pessure and regular town water instead of well water. will be nice. also I would be able to gwt at&t dsl, cheaper than the dial up here. yippee. i had a longchat with my daughtwer to make surew she would be ok with me moving, so I just need to do paperwork and wait for my name to come up. there are 10 names in line in wills point. so it won't be quick. plus since Imy ssdi is higher than a lot I have to be sure I quaslify also. believe me you will hwre about it if I acyally get one.


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Sorry to hear about your dental woes. I'll be thinking of you on Friday. I also wish you the best in obtaining an apartment; there seems to be several options available. You'll think you're a mansion after residing in the cozy travel trailer. You'll still be close enough to your daughter too. I hope the waiting list moves quickly. I know from past experience that, periodically, the waiting lists are updated which could result in a shorter waiting period even.

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That's my worst fear...to be without a computer. Glad you're back on line.


Sounds like you've got some nice leads on housing. Good luck with that!





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i too am sorry about your dental problems having been there not to long ago myself. i would be lost without my puter, i bet you were too, glad you are back up and running. good luck with the housing, sounds just perfect for you.

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