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True Independence day!



Another month, another long rambling blog on the crazy things wandering around in my head!

Yesterday I reached my first milestone. I survived my first year post-stroke. I realize the statistics are vague, but making it through that first year, when my risk was highest gives me a little peace of mind .

Independence Day has a whole new meaning this year. Not only have I survived, I finally feel as if I've become "me" again. I'm a little slower, but I can face the world on my own terms. Tomorrow I may be weeping in a dark corner again, but for today I'm good.

My daughter is getting married on Saturday. It occurred to me just the other day how much it means to her to have me there. These are the things that have real meaning in my life, not my net worth or my messy kitchen. It's the people I love that make my life worth living. I just have to remind myself now and then!


I hesitate to mention this, even in my blog, but the loss of one of our members last month affected me deeply. I never even chatted with this sweet lady, but her strength and humor in the face of adversity was so obvious in her posts. I wept when I read about her sudden death. I felt like I had lost a friend. It also made me wonder about those members that just 'disappear' after posting for a while. I had assumed many survivors recovered, moved on, lost interest in their 'past' problems. How many of these have we lost to yet another stroke? I guess we'll never know.

I should stop now, before I start crying again. I keep telling myself that!

Life is good, we are survivors, it's a holiday, celebrate!



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:congrats: on the one year mark. Yes, Independence day has a newer meaning for you; I can relate to that as I stroked on New's Year Day 2005.


I too often wonder about some of the members who "vanish". There are some who are still visiting the site but not posting. Diane's passing hit everyone hard - personally, I was going through a "funk" period and her passing was hard for me to adjust to. The dear lady is at peace now, watching over her hubby and sons and I'm sure watching over her "cyber" family.


Take Care and (((hugs)))

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Now year one is over you will find a new confidence. It is so good to be a survivor. Ray is 16 years since hs first, two years since his last. Still here, still home, still able to enjoy life.


I agree, your daughter is lucky to still have her mom at her wedding. Enjoy it to the full. It is your day too. You are mother-of-the-bride a very special person without whom there would be no bride!


Got low net worth and a messy kitchen? WHO CARES. You have LIFE. Enjoy it.


(((Hugs))) fom Sue.

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Well, I have many congratulations for you! In ALL cases you have survived and just being able to do what ever it is you can do a year later is a plus, that is recovery plus life. I celebrate life highly cause we only get one time around on earth in the flesh.


Instead of disabilities I greet my abilities and life after such a mighty stroke to look around and still be here. Diane's death took us all back and even if we all had the same stroke affecting the same part of the brain, there would be different results of physical survivals.


No, there is no way to measure how many are lost to what ever reason but we wonder cause we are human with feelings for one another. Monday the 9th, will mark 9 years for this marriage with hopes for many more. I was able to stand and make my daughters wedding a couple years ago, it didn't last long. She wasn't ready by life style to be married.


Finally, it's been a true independence day here by all means of the word freedom and our TROOPS serving in harms way for our independence in a free country. It's just raining on us but I won't complain cause last year we didn't get any water. This year flooding and lost of lives with no let up in the forecast.


Sure makes me have a better idea of the rain for 40 days and nights in the Bible. We got showers on and off for 19 days now. It's raining at this very moment. The car washes are shut down.

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congratulations on your first year mark,future years will bring out loving new you and creating new life for new you. Diane's untimely death was hard on lot of people, but we don't know grand plan of God, so have to accept it, though I defintely think Diane must be at peace & wwill be watching over her family.




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Congratulations! Life is good and so is god. Every morning the sun shines and the birds sing, is a reason to celebrate.

[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]] Abbie

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