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Three Years and A Day

Kj mcmeekin


Well its 3 years and a day.


I can still remember but it's foggy that awful night. The one thing that really sticks in my mind - that I really need to work on is the 9 months Chris spent in the nursing home (I call it the hell hole)


Chris didn't say anything in regards to how long it has been - he was only excited that I was making him a special "birthday dinner" and that my mom was joining us and having the kids around him. So I didn't say anything in regards to time but was just excited to celebrate his birthday with him.


Several weeks ago I had gotten a call from his sister who lives in Florida. She wanted to visit on the 21st to celebrate. Through the course of the weeks - I received phone calls from Chris' brothers and sisters - the celebration also included his brother and family who live in Maryland, his sister who lives in Virginia and his brother who is very ill with cancer and lives in New Jersey. There was no work for me to do - his sister provided all the food and then they all cleaned up - inside and out. It turned out to be a great afternoon - it was nice to have someone else do all the work - and I finally got to just sit!!!! :Clap-Hands:


Although now, Chris seems to have more off days than good days. His diabetes is causing alot of problems with his neuropathy and he is constantly getting urinary tract infections. Recently it takes 2 antibotics to finally kill the infection. I talked with his MD and next Friday I am taking him to a urologist - hopefully he will be able to control the problem. My biggest fear is that one of these infections will not be controlled and go through his system.


I can't say that the past 3 years have been easy - but I can't say that I have minded one day of having to care for him - no matter how frustrated I get.


I'm hoping soon I will learn how to slow down and care for myself................


I thank God he is still with me............


Kim :)

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My hats off to you all caregivers, I know sometimes things does become rocky but because of great caregivers like you, we survivors r having meaningful life.




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