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day after the big party!



:Clap-Hands: Well, today is the day after the biggest dinner party since my stroke. It went well and the food was good, especially the appetizers. Everyone had a good time and I slept well today. didn't get up all day, except for meals. Felt good to be so indolent after a week of frantic activity. Then I got an e-mail from Dr. Kasner about the baby's arrival. the weather finally broke and there was a lovely breeze today. Now it has turned humid again and we are waiting for a thunderstorm. Bonnie, I wanted to thank you for your chat tutorial instructions, I printed them out and have been on 2 times, successfully, finally! I look forward to talking to everyone and getting to know them. okay, time for bed now,

good night



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So glad to hear you're getting the hang of the message board. Keep in mind too that any of us are just a click away via pm's. You worked hard getting ready for your successful party; you deserve the rest and relaxation afterwards.

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Where you see a person's user id with a line underneath it on the right side of their post - when you pass your mouse over it and click on it, there is a drop-down menu - you see send a message or pm. Or. you can go to a person's profile as well and send a message/pm.

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Hi Cathy, so glad the chat tutorial worked for you. Also on the main message board on the top left is a link to ask a question.. it should automatically go to the person to help you.


PM means personal message .. as Donna says you can run your mouse over a name and a menu will appear.


There are tutorial written for almost everything on the board. many are listed at the top of forums and many are on in the help section.


Remember we are only a click away :)

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