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another long day!



:lol: Today is August 7, 2007, JOnathan (son) called to tell us he is home from guatemala , safe and sound. He'll be home tomorrow for dinner and he wants stuffed peppers in this heat? Crazy, I must love him a lot to be willing to do that for him. Can't wait to see him, I'll bet he's either tanned or sunburnt. Today was a long day. I was all out of w medications (wellbutrin and ativan) so my morning nap didn't occur. consequently, it was a long day with not much to do. I took mom to the hairdresser's and had some lunch. Then when David got home, I picked up my prescriptions and swang on the porch while reading my book. still slow going. I can keep my interest up for about 20-30" and then I'm bored with reading. big change from prestroke when I could read all day!

We'll get hoagies for dinner tonight. It's too hot for anything, my garden looks like a dust bowl. spent lots of time on the computer today too. LuAnn is coming for a visit on August 29 for the first time in 32 years! I'm still hoping to get to Asheville in October and November for the stroke survivor get together. God I could sure use some company!!


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c athy, thats great that son is home safe and sound. i bet you are really happy now. i also lose interest in reading at times. my eyes are'nt what they used to be, post stroke. its good you can get out to run errands and help your mom. i don't know who luann is, but i 'm sure you will enjoy her visit. have a great time. i understand your feelings about company though. i get very lonely and try to find things to keep me busy but its not the same. i need to be around people, since i am alone all day everyday except for my critters. then when family comes home, they are tired and have things to do so i don't get alot of interaction with them before bedtime. try and stay out of the heat, rest if you need to and just take each day as it comes. be good to yourself.

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kimmi, Things are improving now that school is about to start. I belong to a monthly bible study at our church and today I took over the role of devotional leader so I will be tteaching the lesson each month. I used to do it prestroke but was afraid to try it again, since I get so tired and disorganized. I deccided the only way was to try so I signed on to do it. I also signed on to teach sunday school once in a while. I've been a helper for the three years since the stroke and I have seen improvement so I though I'd give this a try . I am able to do all this because I don't have to worry about every going back to work again. I was awarded ssdi and i have a pension from teaching. So no matter how tired I get, I can always sleep late the next day. That has been my biggest stumbling block was fatigue. also being confused and "fuzzy" but that seems to be dissapating the more involved I become in the things I used to do. Any way, I get out of the house a good bbit and my mil keeps me company when i'm at home, she lives with us. I see my kids fairly frequently and am in touhwith them a lot. I am blessed and fortunate in my life. well, time to go to church. thanks for writing to me. I'll be quiet fot a while with my friend here. so i'll probably not be in chat.

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cathy, no wonder yoy are tired, you are very busy, i envy you as i used to be the same way prestroke, working, family, etc. i'm happy you are seeing improvement in yourself and i hope it continues for you, just don't stress yourself out to much and get plenty of rest. my youngest son and new wife live with me so they help me out alot. we will miss you in chat, come back when you can. i wish you well on your new projects you have taken on. take care.

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thanks Kimmie, I am able to sleep late every morning and then I am good to go for the day. The good thing about volunteering is I can say no whenever I want and i have a good excuse., When I tell people it's a stroke thing, they usuallly back off.

my friend and I have had a good visit this week and really cught up. I hope to be in chat tomorrow.



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