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I love you all



Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in this world who had a stroke then I have to remind myself of the friendly family I have here at strokeboard. You guys are the only people who can really understand me and I am so thankful that I found this site. I apologize for my hiatus. I just haven't known where to begin with this blog. Some days are bad and some days are good and usually when I start to write about a bad day I tend to make it sound worse than it really was or when I write about a good day (barely ever) I leave you guys thinking everything is A O K. So I have decided to write an entry where Im just feeling neutral. Well I guess I will start by saying I got the book One Handed in a Two Handed World. I read about it on this site I believe. I've browsed through it but I haven't tried any of the tips yet. I've gotten so used to doing things my way but I know the book will come in "handy" when I go to college. One thing I looked for that I didn't find was how to tie trash bags using one hand. Any suggestions? Well anyway I move on campus Saturday. I went shopping yesterday and got most of the stuff I need. I went to see a neurologist last Friday so he could fill out medical forms for me to drive. Ocourse he mentioned that it is unsafe for me and everyone else on the road for me to drive because of my vision loss but he sounded like he wanted to help so I am not sure what recommendations he will give the medical board in Raleigh or what I will find out next. I could not go to my dentist appointment today bcause my doctor did not fax a consent form allowing the dentist to sedate me. That was one less appointment I had to worry about but I was kind of disappointed because my teeth are giving me problems and I wanted to get that fixed before school started so I wont have to miss class. I have one more appointment on Friday with a pain management doctor. He was the verseer of my rehabilitation therapy in 2001 when I first had my stroke and lately with all this pain in my wrist, I've been hoping he can help me on Friday. Wish me luck. In other news, I have been going out more lately. One weeked I went to see a movie with some people from high school. It was very different because it was my first time being included in a group outing with my peers. It made me feel good about myself. Later that night we went out to eat and I paid for my food so I felt independence. Also, earlier that day, my dad let me drive his envoy denali around. I just drove to the country store and back. It was fun and it made me feel good but I had to be extra aware of my surroundings and remember to keep my hand on the left side of the steering wheel so I could reach the turn signal. I did really great at driving though. There were other people on the road and I did not cause an accident. No worries, my dad was in the passenger seat watching out for me. I went out again Thursday night. My dad allowed me to go to the midnight movie with the same girl who invited me to the movie the first time except there was a different group of people I knew from school. I hope I meet another friend like that who will invite me places and come pick me up when I get to college. I really enjoyed the freedom my dad gave me though. I actually felt like an adult for once and it didnt matter that I wasen't driving because only 2 people were driving out of the 5 of us who went. But anyway sorry this was so long. I will try to update more often. My apologies for not making it to chat tonight. I love you guys


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We love you as well young one. I will be thinking of you on Friday as you go to the pain management doctor for your wrist. I pray you find relief. Pain sucks big time.


Glad to hear you are getting out and about with your peers - good for you - AND you're having fun which is so important. I hope you make "reliable and trusting" friends at school as well. Which I'm most assured you will. I tell my daughter the same thing as she will be starting a new school in a new city on Aug. 27th. So far, her spare time has been spent with cousins - which is also cool as she had only known them through internet contact - myspace.


Glad to hear your dad is having more trust in you and treating you like the adult you now are. As a parent, I can honestly say, this is tough to do sometimes. Although my daughter is only turning 15 on 8-15, we have numerous debates about what she "thinks" she should be permitted to do. That's normal LOL - I was 15 once too, although it seems like a lifetime ago.


You asked about tying bags shut one-handed. Others may have more orthodox ways of performing the task, for me, I have discovered that I use my teeth to tie bags shut. I'm sure the dentist would love me for that one lol. But I have found this to be effective and successful for me. Especially the grocery store or store bags with the handle.


As you venture off to school dear girl, best of luck. Looking forward to updates from our college girl.

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So groovy you were able to hang out with friends. Hope the movie was good. I bet it felt awesome to pay your food tab and feel like an independent adult..COOL! How fun that you got to do some driving and a Denali..WOW! Awesome car. Like Donna said, we are going to be eager to hear college updates Guurrrllll! Wish you luck bunches and take care Girlfriend!

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Hi Katrina,


The day is finally almost here!


I'm also glad your Dad let you go to the movies with friends and glad you were asked. That was great as an ice breaker for when you are in college.


Remember to write all about colllege because it will bring back memories for those of us who went and be a new adventure for those of us who did not. We all need vicarious thrills in our lives and you are going to be one for sure.


Sorry you missed chat. We ere a wild crowd of 16 at one time and had all types of food. Space was short though and some of us had to squeeze together. There was talk of a strokenet cruise to Hawaii perhaps and Sue and our other Australian family are going to be flying to meet us there. OK, it's virtual so far but who knows.


Have a great start to the beginning of yournew life.


Granny Phyllis


PS Guess Great Grannny is closer but we'll let it go at that. :lol: :roflmao: :friends: :happydance: :uhm: :silly: :2cents:

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Hi little one, So good to hear from you. I say we have to have some bad days.. so we know when we are having a GOOD one..lol


Glad you got out with friends and enjoyed yourself. and happy your dad seems to have "lightened" up a bit.


How cool for him to let you drive. I like the garbage bags with the yellow pull tight handles on them.. the "cinch sacks" you could probably put one loop over your affected arm and then pull closed.. tight with your good arm. they cinch up pretty good, so you might not have to tie them.


glad you are getting things ready for your dorm room.


We will be here waiting to hear of your new adventures and friends.



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hey Katrina:


so good to see yor updates and finding out about your good days and bad days what I m slowly realizing all good days or bad days they all shall pass, so when I m having bad day I remember this will pass too, so happy for your movie outing and driving experiences with dad, BTW when u go to college most of the kids will be without car so everybody will be walking including u, mayb u will b slow but u will also get to ur destination.

we all here love you & cheer for u when u succed, u r inspiration to many of us.




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hi katrina, so good to hear from you. i think most of us feel you are our strokenet daughter. we love and care about you very much. i am tickled to death that you are getting out more and feeling like you belong because you do. driving again is a big deal, just be careful and safe,so your strokenet moms and grandmas don't have to worry,lol. i'm sure you will have fun with all of your new college friends you will meet. please try to get into chat sometime, we have loads of fun in there. i wish you much more better days ahead instead of bad ones. keep us posted on how you are doing. be careful using your teeth,like most of us do when we only have 1 good hand, as i broke off my front tooth once using it to hold something. take care sweetheart and be well.

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I can't help but to think of the pains we have being two or three times your age and how our pains seem so great. So your pains, I hope, are more bearable and are probably less frequent.


We are always here for you in group support 24/7. Stick around as your school time will permit in the coming months.

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