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It's Been a Rough Week - But We Made It!

Kj mcmeekin


It's been a rough week. Thursday 8/9/07 - Chris woke with a 103 fever. Total change in mental status and sweating terribly. I called the family doctor who advised me to call his urologist. Within 15 minutes rec'd a call back and was told to get Chris to the ER.


Here he had a severe bladder/kidney infection and was also septic and had started to dehydrate. All this came on overnight. The day before he was fine. It amazes me how fast something can happen.


As of today he is still in the hospital but doing better. He also today had the procedure done for the supra pubic cath. The urologist feels that this will help control the amount and severity of bladder infections. He will also be coming home on a medication that neutralizes the bladder.


So I am expecting him to be home by the weekend - hopefully. :)


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hey Kim:


sorry to har about Chris's medical problems, hopefully now everything is under control. my payers and best wishes for Chris's speedy recovery and hope God gives yo enough strength to get through this hurdle in life too.





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