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Things Are Going Well

Kj mcmeekin


Chris came home from the hospital last Friday evening. The doctor arranged for him to be brought home by ambulance. We both felt that this would be better for him than trying to get him in his wheelchair. He is still weak.


He seems to be doing much better. He's on medication for bladder spasms and still is taking some pain medication - but I would hurt if someone punched a hole in my bladder. This has really made things much easier for me and I know that his incontience was really bothering him. I know that he was getting depressed about this situation.


Since he had the cathether placed he now qualifies for visiting nurse's to come and keep tabs on him. I'm glad about this - I think it will take alot of stress off of me and Chris. I think he does worry about his health and now he can talk to a professional about different things and especially if he is not feeling well.


Lately it seems like we have been having alot of set backs. Chris' health hasn't been the best for the past several months - but I'm hoping that we are now back on the right track. This was a big hurdle to get over - hopefully now we are on the right track and can get some order back in our lives.


I never seem to know what a new day will bring - but no matter what we hang in there together and seem to get through it.


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Kim, you have had a big job looking after Chris so I hope this latest treatment will make that job much easier. And having a professional nurse come by will mean you can address a lot of problems as soon as they occur and knowing this should give you peace of mind. I hope now you start to catch up on your sleep too.


Ray and I have set-backs from time to time too so you are not alone in that. I'll keep you both in our prayers for the next few weeks as you settle back into a new routine.


((((Hugs))) from Sue.

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Glad to hear Chris is home. The visiting nurses will be able to relieve both of your minds as any issues can be addressed right away. (((hugs))) to both of you.

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