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more of the college life



I should start by saying, the day after my last entry, I had a big fall outside. That was my break down day. What happend was everyone was seperated into groups with orientation leaders. After one of our workshops, I had to stay and talk with one of the administrators in charge of services for studens with disabilities. While I was talking to him, my group went on to the next workshop so when I went outside I could not find them. While walking on the uneven brick road with my shoe laces untied and my foot aching from the brace on my leg, I was looking down at my cell phone tying to call my orientation leader to find out where she took the group then BOOM I tripped and fell. Luckily, there was a man riding on a golf cart who stopped and helped me up. I ended up getting a ride back to my room and I was allowed to rest for the day and not worry about the rest of the workshops. I spent the afternoon in my room crying because everything was starting to stress me out and I was feeling so overwhelmed. Classes haden't even started yet and I was aleady having a break down! I was so relieved when the weekend arrived and my dad came to pick me up. I really do love the people here though. It's like a big family. Everyone is nice and respectful to me. I am also proud of myself for walking around this humongous campus in 100 something degree weather. I never imagined I could do it but I do it everyday (with no falls)! I also went to a pool party last Friday and I met some new people at movie night. I am trying I really am! It is just so hard to break out of my shell when I acted this way the whole time I was in high school. It is also hard to walk upright with a smile on my face when I am hot sweaty tired and it feels like my ankles are about to fall off my legs which are about to fall off my body! But I am slowly getting used to the distance walking and having to look both ways efore crossing the streets and walking through parking lots because of my vision loss. Well I have my appointment in the morning and I have to finish up some English so I will close this out but first I have an appointment with occupational therapy on Friday so I am hoping and praying my life is about to get a tad more independent, pain less, and easier!


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Good Girl... Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going :) Falling is scarey.. I am glad there was someone to help you.


Weather should be cooling down soon.. Keep the shoelaces tied.. even if you get some of those "bungee" type laces"


I try to be really careful with shoe laces. some of them are long and dangle..even after tying I also am exteremly careful that the soles of my shoes are not to thick. Bricks are hard enough to walk on...


Glad you went to the pool party and are making some new friends.. Keep the smile going.. you have such a pretty one. And remember ... sugar and honey get more flies ... than vinegar. :) :)


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Hey College Gir!!!!


Sorry you had a tumble but I'm glad someone was there to help you and you did not get injured (except ego maybe). Be sure to keep your shoelaces tied (it's dangerous enough to walk without them tied prestroke days - post it's an accident waiting to happen).


Soon, the temps will be alot easier to handle. Kudos to you for coping with the temps AND cruisin around campus. And...you're making friends as you go along. Knew you would - even though you were unsure. If you've always been a shy person, yes it is hard to break out of that mold. But it can be done.


When you smile, your entire face lights up - who would not want to be friends with a young lady with such a beautiful smile :big_grin:

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hey Katrina:


maybe you should buy shoes with velcro instead of shoelaces, and you can buy at wallmart for 12 bucks. I m sorry that you fell but with untied shoelaces it's like asking for accident to happen, luckily nothing got hurt. we are all very proud of you with disability you are able to roam through campus I just visited college campus and God they r so huge, tackling them every day will keep you fit and healthy




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katrina, bless your heart, i'm sorry you fell. thankfully help was there for you. i would go with velcro shoes, alot safer, especially with walking so much. hooray for you doing as well as you are. i bet the ot will have some helpful ideas to make campus life alittle easier for you. keep smiling it will get easier with time. remember you are new at this college thing. continue to have fun and take care.

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well, have to agree with the others on all points. When you look at it though, all in all, would have to give you maybe an 80 - 90 or even a tad better. The real only bad thing was the fall and as the others said, you were lucky some man was there to help and you were permitted to go to your room and rest.


The good was that you now know the importance of tieing laces (hard lesson though) or getting velcro closing shoes in future and in meantime, maybe those jazzy bungy types Bonnie mentioned.


Kudos for getting to meet lots of new people. It will get easier as time goes on. Glad the students accept you as they should. This is great to know. You chose a good school.


Hope classes are good and as for weather- well, the dog days of August are almost over and fall will be here soon enough.


How far are you from home? Good your Dad can pick you up for the weekend. I think things are going great. I'm so happy for you.


Be sure to keep us informed.



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You are a real inspiration!!!!!!!! Just to get out there and go to college, move away from home........I'm so very proud of you. As for falling, my sister wears high heels and falls several times a week ans she didn't have a stroke!!!LOL :roflmao: No seriously, I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly. Take your time, hold that head up high, and conquer the world. :friends:

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