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Fun place



Boy I must have been in a real fun place when I wrote those last few sentences. Today I


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hey ctayor:


your blog cracked me up not good comforting thoughts for youits just a freaking software how hard it could b has heard it so many times b4 in my SW developer's life



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Hi, yes. cell phones... My husband had one kind and I had a differnt style.. he hates electronics, so programming the remote, satellite box, answering machines etc.. has been my job. My "memory" has taken a vacation, it decides to return on it's own time. We went for new cell phones last yr.. I said we ARE getting the same kind.. I have a hard enough time remembering what buttons to push on mine. ... I do back ups on my computer, but I know I should back up more often.. I guess i will write it on my list.. back up to CD's this week. Yes I remember when we got 3 channels on the TV and usually at least 2 were Snowy, but we watched anyway.. and you fiddled with the rabbit ears. The phone we had must have weighed at least 20 lbs, and it took all you could to get the 0 all the way around..LOL

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Bonnie, I am so old I remember the party line phone, and three digit phone numbers and waiting for the operator on long distant calls to be nasty before she cut you off and....


Technology is both a blessing and a curse, so I guess we older people have to just keep our cool and get used to the changes.



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Technology is great if it is working properly and impossible if it's not. I remember using carbon paper and my daughter looksw at me like I'm a freak of nature or from another planet :insane: . Times have changed and continue to do so...can we keep up? Hang in there ctaylor!!

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It's good to see you writin/blogging again.


I, too, have issues with the Microsoft grammar tools, so much so that I spent some time figuring out how to turn the damned thing off. If I could remember how I did it, I'd share the info with you.


Thank you for the flattering comment on my blog. You are way too kind.





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