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God Came Near



One night as I lay crying,

Alone in the darkness of illness and grief.

God came near to comfort me,

To help my soul find solace,

And set my heart at peace.


My tears had called out to Him,

They told Him of my pain.

I prayed for Him to take my soul,

But asking was in vain.


He held me close and kissed my brow,

And said My child I am here with you,

I cannot take your soul with me,

You still have much to do.


I know your suffering is hard,

I remember pain as well,

Your tears are falling like the rain,

I send to grow the flowers

Your pain reminds me of the thorns

That were forced upon my brow.


Your heart is pure and honest,

Filled with laughter and love.

It sends a message filled with hope,

That conquers gloomy places,

And brings a smile to many faces.


And though you now lie suffering,

Alone you'll never be.

For I am always watching over you,

I hear your prayers to me.


I whispered Thank You from my heart,

And as He took away my fears,

I felt His love and kindness,

He took my tears and used them,

To rain upon the flowers.

He lifted all my grief and pain,

So I could get some rest.


I woke up with the morning sun,

Content with what I have become,

Knowing it is God's great plan,

To have a purpose here on earth,

And never be without His grace.

All of this I believe to be,

Because God came down to comfort me.




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