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Happy New Year! (picture included)




I am having a good year so far. As I said in my last entry, I am driving very well especially in my dad's new SUV. It is just harder to park. I have started saving for a car. I just hope I can get a license and ofcourse more practice before driving alone. I just found out one of my medicines causes dizziness. I guess the pharmacist just decided to put the stickr on the bottle. So the medicine that I take for seizures, and the baclofen for spasticity both cause dizziness and constipation. But the medicine I take for constipation causes dizziness also. I have not had a seizure since 2005 and the baclofen does not seem to be helping. I exercise and wear both the splint and the brace yet my fingers still curl and my wrist remains bent even when I put the braces on. I hope the doctors can take me off of the medicines because last month the side effects were really bad. I was crying all the time, having trouble sleeping, and feeling dizzy a couple of times a week. Well anyway my new years was great. As promised, My new boyfriend took a picture of us so I can share!


We had dinner, seen a movie, and watched people do karaoke. The other day his parents invited me to dinner with their family to celebrate everyone's good grades and my 3.9 was good enough. I move back in on campus on Tuesday and I am so ready! I hope I can make all As this semester!



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Happy 2009 Katrina,


You two look adorable together. Look at that award winning smile on your face. Your happiness radiates off both of your faces. Best of luck for the next term.


Hope you get the med issues resolved quickly and safely. Dizziness is nothing to mess around with - it's good you are being proactive.


Your 3.9 is definitely good enough - it's fantastic.



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Guest lwisman




You might try having a conversation with your pharmacist. They often know more about drug side effects and interactions that your doctor (after all it is their livelihood). Usually they are very willing to talk with you.

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Happy New year to you too. you both look very good & happy together. Here wishing you all the best for your next term




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Katrina, you are one beautiful young lady. look at that smile ! And he looks pretty happy to be sitting there next to you.

Happy New Year !



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katrina, i couldn't be any happier for you. i hope 2009remains a great year for you. the picture is great, you both do look happy and glad to be with each other. so you've meet the family huh, do i hear wedding bells coming any time soon,LOL finish school though, you have your groove on with a 3.9. keep up the great job and hopefully the medical things will get resolved soon. keep us updated on how you are doing.

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