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Short and kinda sweet



In the short time I have been a member of this site, I have come to depend on input from so many of you. I only started blogging so all the echos in my head had someplace to go. But now as I have recieved support, it has lifted me to want to give more of myself. I wish I could lift every survivor and caregiver up and give them a hug of healing. If I can just give one person hope, it's all I can ask. Seems like i feed off encouraging comments. Thank you all. Praying for Blessings all around. Boy, that was easy, just squirted right off the keys. Keep fighting the good fight don't you dare give up hope. Survivors did so for a reason. I am getting an idea of what it might be, at least for me. I must make sure I let folks know, I know I got off easy. I well up when I read of other's struggles regarding this monster, not just survivors, but also caregivers. Deep in my soul, I wish I could make it, life as it was pre-stroke for everyone. Unfortunately we all have to deal with the person who showed up post stroke. My best to all of you. Leppy


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hey leppy great blog for the first time, and alot of grat words and wisdom in your blogand you are right aboiout not to ever give up and to fight the good fight, brcause even after 8 years i am still getting better , so keep on keeping on good post leppy

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Yes, Michael. Life is worth living. You are lucky. Some of the survivors have to struggle and work very hard. Yes caregivers, like myself, have to work so hard also. But, I see improvements and celebrate. I love hearing about the milestones that others conquer. it is well worth the effort that we all make. I am so glad to hear that you are getting the emotional lift that you need from others. This site does the same for me.


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hey leppy:


keep your positive attitude going, your blog always makes me feel good inside. I know I wasn't as lucky as you in my deficits. but still I love the new person I have become. I realize I have to play the hand I had been given with best of my ability.




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Hey Leppy ya got a sec?


Nice. That's real. That's what you feel inside.

Putting yourself on the table with no apology and full of gratitude.

Thank you.



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I sense some healing may be going on...that is wonderful! There are stroke deficits that are visible and stroke deficits that are invisible. I have learned from the good folks at Stroke Net that even though they may not be visible, the internal issues can be just as painful. It takes time to regain confidence that was lost when stroke invited itself in and never left.


You sound as though you have many fine attributes. We are glad you found Stroke Net.

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Hiya Leppy,


Great blog entry. You've definitely got some healing going on - terrific. We've all got our deficits to endure but coming here to share is as good for us the writers as it is for the readers. I love my daughter but she is 17 and doesn't really care about the finer points of my life now and my cats (though the DO really love me) are more interested if if I say the word "treats".

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