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An electric wheelchair....



I just got an electric wheelchair. Ruth's friend is letting us use it. I need to practice. But, now I can manuever all over the house and even go outside. It is nice. WE need to get a carrier for it.

I am watching the football game today.


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Good for you my friend, I'm glad you find it as a way to get around especially for distances and all around the house. Finding a lift or ram is as easy as searching the Internet to find what you want/need at the right price. Some of the ramps can be rented from the supply places. That free classified paper in every town has stuff like that someone is trying to sell or no longer is needed.


I got a lift inside my Ford Explorer from the VA. I never liked those carriers that fit on the hitch of the vehicle and I didn't have the vehicle for a ramp. I'll be coming to visit you pretty soon when Ruth got a day off and no appointments for you or me. I will call you again this week to get that info.


Thanks for blogging, don't stop now, man you are recovering just like I did so I know you feel good. BTW, I am off most of my meds with help from a team of doctors assembled for that reason. It's really working in my case.

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Hi William,


It's nice to know you have a power chair to get around in. I can walk but its nice to know you can get around. Good for you!


Bruce Schwentker

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William: Yeah.... :Cheers: :cheer: I am so happy for you and your "freedom" that you are experiencing. Just keep taking that road of recovery. I can't wait to hear all about the "Adventures of William" Way to go my friend. God Bless. Hugs, Jan
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I am so happy for you with your new freedom.


Glad, too, that you and Fred will be connecting. There's nothing like meeting face to face.

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