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Enchilladas every day for lunch



I haven't blogged in awhile. Since my site it not working. So ,,,I will blog under William's name. This is his journey.


It is funny. William has developed an extreme taste for enchiladas. We were finishing up our morning work out at the pool and he says, "Let's go and get some enchiladas.". It is 10:30AM...a little early for that. BUt, then I remember. Today is enchilada day at Luby's. They open at 11AM. We don't have to wait that long. So, William orders a nice salad to go with his enchiladas. You guessed right and salad is for me. William insists that I get an extra order of enchiladas because he wants it for dinner. So I make him happy and order a lunch to go.


Next, time for lab work. THere is not rain and I think we need to get that lab work done sometime today. So off we go to the lab. William has his favorite lab tech, Cedric. He always requests Cedric.


We finally make it home by 12:30PM. WIlliam is ready for bed. WE started out at 8AM. Morning meds and teethbrushing and such before the pool. So 4 hours and William is ready for a nice long sleep. I will be heading out to work at 2PM and the caretaker will come in at 4PM. So 3 hours of sleep for WIlliam.


It is amazing...He never needs a sleeping pill for his afternoon nap. Working out makes him just fall asleep.


The botx was good. We did not get all of the shots. William was so frightened. Just a few in the hamstring. But, now the hamstring is able to relax and the leg lies flat on the bed. He is also not complaining of any pain in the leg. He was complaining before. I notice that the toes still curl up. WE are going to have to have the botox so that the toes don't curl next time.


PT start this Thurs. I am going for once a week. So this Thursday he will get a workout. He will get the pool after PT on the way home. So 2 hours of therapy. We will be able to practice in the pool.


We haven't used the electric wheelchair much yet. But, we use it just a little in the house. William needs to learn to steer it a little better. HE has a tendency to hit the left side on the doors.


Yesterday it was raining and we went swimming at the pool. It is covered but the rain still dripped thru the ceiling. Rain or shine as long as there is no lightening...we can go swimming.


Today while waiting for the blood draw. I was reading a Texas magazine I told William that hopefully next Oct. we can take a train ride in TExas. Either, Grapvine, Palestine or ??? William said that he will shoot for that goal.

William's Ruthpill


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hey william's Ruth:


your goal sounds great. I am sure it will motivate William to do more for himself & be less dependent on you.



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Sound like things are moving right along for William in his recovery process. I'm so happy you stuck by him as my wife has done in my case for the last 6 years almost. Ruth, let me know about the botox shots William got and how do you think or feel the botox is doing in what you thought it would do.


If possible I will try to get that same doctor to do me depending on what info he or she needs about my conditions.

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