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Katrina, you are a genius. You have a fine inventive mind and you don't let your disabilities define you. You work out how to use tools to make your life easier and I think the whole bandaid process was very clever.


What makes you so sad is comparing yourself to others. I know because that is how I feel when I compare my life to the lives of my women friends who have able bodied husbands, I feel envious and as if life has dealt me a bad hand. So I need to stop doing that and glory in every good thing that comes my way instead. Count my blessings, and really there are a lot of them, children, grandchildren, a good roof over my head that doesn't let the rain come in.


Don't let what you don't have take over your life, rely on your good brain to help you get the most out of life. Spring will come soon to your part of the world and you will find ways to overcome problems, present and yet to come.


(((Hugs)) from Sue.

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you express your feelings so well. It feels like I am reading my own thoughts sometimes. But when I focus on all negatives in my life. My cherleader hubby reminds me & it always uplifts me. yes life sometime sucks with all the disabilities. but look at you how much you have achieved even with all the challenges. Be proud of that fact and stop comparing yourself to others. you are unique and special.




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Only you know you and your body but I think at my 6 years recovering, I'm right behind you in recovering years. Now with my hand I neglected it for a period of time and it started doing just what you say is happening to you.


I try daily to use my weak hand opening/closing my car door, light switch at home, carrying the plastic bags from the stores in my weak hand and yes...exercise with the stretch bands and wearing your wrist brace at night.


You usually say "one handed" but you gotta start using both hands but watch what you do with the weak hand or you will drop anything you are holding. Try the TV remote in your weak hand too! Hold a bottle in that hand while you unscrew the cap. At first you'll squeeze it too much and the water comes out, but keep trying.


Walmart got those small 1 and 2 pound weights you can try, I did for a long time while I ride the exercise bike.

If you need some more ideas, PM or email me I think I can help you.

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