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Staying Busy



Thank you all for your comments to my last entry. Earlier this week I had a break down. I got a bad grade in my class and it just made me feel really stupid and dumb. To make matters worse, not having a significant other didnt help because I had no one to lift me up when I was sad. I was so busy the following day with school that I just cried and cried the whole rest of tthe day. Fortunately, I did something I have never done before. I got tired of devoting ALL of my time and energy to school. It was bringing me down and making me so depressed. SO After my classes and meetings, I went to the counselor and talked to her until the sun went down. Then I went to my sorority sisters' apartment and hung out with them. A couple days later, Iwent to a basketball game with them and today one of my sisters took me shopping. It feels so great! A lot of times I get depressed because I am constantly doing schoolwork and when I am not doing work I am sitting alone in my room thinking sad thoughts and wishing I could just be like everyone else and have fun. I am so thankful for my sisters though. Hanging out with them allowed me to take a break from my schol work. and to my srprise I have not even fallen behind in my work! Hanging out with them also made me feel like i CAN have fun. I CAN do things. Watching the basketball game and shopping at the mall were things I havent done in a very long time but it made me feel really good to feel apart of something. I love how they include me and don't make me feel like Im different.

In other news, I went to the doctor on Wednesday. Instead of putting me back in OT, he is going to put me in PT to work on my knee and see what type of AFO they suggest. He also talked about giving me botox again so I guess I will have more to update on that in a couple of more months. Well I have to cut this short because I have a lot of work to do but thanks again for all of the support.


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Katrina, good to hear you are getting more of a work/life balance. All work and no play can make Katrina a very sad girl. We all get caught in that trap from time to time so you are just human, like the rest of us.


Do have some "sister" time, some family time ( make phone calls if you can't visit) some time for something of a spiritual nature, some soul time. We all need balance in our life, to broaden our horizons and allow ourselves to grow.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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I was so happy to see your upbeat blog. I agree with Sue, you need to balance your life with schoolwork/friends & family time and also include 5 mins of mediatation or time to read some spiritual books that will all keep you grounded and happy, so if one window closes you have 10 other doors to knock on.




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