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Starting HBOT again



Well I start HBOT again on Wed this week (tomorrow), I can't wait. :Clap-Hands: The HBOT helps a lot and I am hoping that this time it will help with my hand. I had the Botox and still use the Saebo brace. I am also now doing e-stim, so between all on them something should start to help I would hope. I know the HBOT helped with my brain fog, my balance and my arm when I did it last year. I did 40 treatments by going 5 times a week. Started in Oct and finished the beginning on Dec. This time I will only be going once a week for 10 weeks. I sure wish the Insurance would pay for HBOT. HBOT helps, but it can be costly. Maybe one day they will, then anyone who wants it can have it. My PCP and my therapists all think it is helping.



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